Any organisation will need to decide on the number of subordinates that can be managed effectively by a superior, this is known as the span of control. To determine whether the organisation has a narrow span of control or a wide span of control there are factors to be considered, they are;> The nature of work> Ability and training of supervisors> Degree and clarity of delegation> Effectiveness of communication> Clarity of plans and policies(Introduction to Management Booklet)In practice spans can vary between one and forty or more subordinates directly supervised, although the most likely range is between three and twenty.For the organisation to have a wide span of control it would mean:* Supervision costs would be lower due to reduced supervision.* Superiors are forced to delegate so they have more authority within the organisation.

* Clear policies have to be made which means that subordinates will be able to understand what they are doing.* Subordinates are motivated because they are satisfied with their job.For the organization to have a narrow span control it would mean:* Close supervision.* Tight control.

* Better communication between subordinates and superiors because you have not got to visit as many people and there are more mangers.* Less discretion and therefore less chance of mistakes.* Not as much delegating from superior.The span of control is linked to the number of levels they should have in their organisations. If a flat organisation is required, then the span of control is wide, as there are few steps in the hierarchy, which also means that there is more delegation and authority. If a tall organisation is required, then the span of control is narrow.

A benefit of a tall organisation is that there are many promotional steps for workers to work their way through. However, there is not as much delegation, it is costly and there is poor communication from the top of the organisation to the bottom of the organisation. Managers are able to control what goes on within the organisation.It is in my opinion that the narrow span of control is the most effective because I think that having a good relationship between managers and employees is important, and this is done by communicating as there are not as many people to see.

There is close supervision so any problems can be sorted out early before they develop into major problems.Power is the ability of individuals or groups to influence the beliefs or actions of other persons or groups.Authority is the amount of discretion given to a person when making decisions affecting others, by virtue of position held in organisation.It is in my opinion that managers have both power and authority.

People look to managers to guide them and show them what they have to do. Managers need to be able to make decisions on the way the company is run and this involves deciding what the employees' job entitles.