The behavior of an aggressive dog can be a menace for the owner and it requires an in-depth study of an aggressive dog viz. , physical examination and investigation, food habits and a complete understanding of dog’s psychology and behavior. Many a times, owner does not notice the early warnings given by aggressive dog.

According to Ed Frawley, there are four types of aggression in a dog. (1) dominant (2) defensive (3) fright (4) prey aggression.It is required to identify to which type of aggression the dog belongs to and study symptoms of dog’s aggressive behavior. Further Donna K. Lindsey, Trainer at Castle Kennels states that alpha syndrome is the basic cause for behavior problems in a dog with the fact that dog is from the family of wolves which lack a leader.

By nature, dog likes owner to be its boss and when it is not appearing, dog begins to dominate at every place viz. , sports with children, dining, sleeping habits and in such other public areas where owner and dog both are available.It is important to take note that changing the behavior of a dog is a step-by-step process which requires patience and constant pursue until the behavior of dog has changed completely and is in order with the owner’s wishes. All breeds of dogs possess a similar nature whereas differ in intelligence in executing quick action and in understanding its owner. How to change dog’s behavior Firstly, take notice of dog’s interests, health and moods all through the day.

Secondly, food choices and habits, as dogs like good food viz., milk, cakes, cookies, biscuits and specially pedigree which is made only for home pet dogs. Even non-vegetarian meals can also be provided whereas limited quantity must be provided to maintain its weight. Dogs due to lack of nutritive food, may turn possibly to an aggressive mood and this also has to be checked with veterinary medical practitioners.

Maintain eye contact with dog and pat it each time, when coming in contact with the dog. Its happy moods are indicated with wagging of its tail.Too much quietness indicates ill health and too much of activity and barking indicate that dog is upset and irritant about an issue which requires to be identified by owner. The essential needs of a dog are good food, comfortable bed and toys for its fun and play time. Dog takes notice, when owner pays excessive attention and care to itself, such in its dressing is taken care of by the owner.

For example, goggles, caps, fashionable neck belt and selection of wardrobe such as T-shirts, shirts, quilts, bed sheets have to be colorful to make understand the dog that it is important for the owner and at the same time, owner is the dog’s boss.Owner can also encourage dog for swimming and bathing which makes dog happier and begins to obey its owner as its wishes are being fulfilled. Visiting kennel trainer often with dog helps owner in more understanding of dog’s behavior as dog’s trainer can easily identify what is wrong with the dog and reasons for its angry mood. Converse with the dog as much as possible and through communication, signs, instructions and reward the dog each time it obeys.

Playing with the dog is a must on every day basis. Conclusion Changing the behavior of a dog is not an uphill task, definitely it is a hassle if it is not attended. Pets have to be tamed on a regular basis and must be treated as a family member. There are families which include pet’s name along with family members, in birthday greetings and wishes. Therefore, owner must have complete knowledge about pets through the medium of books and kennel experts who will be advising the owners on various issues.