Advantages and Disadvantages of TV adverts in Tesco’s business TV advertising advantages include allowing businesses to reach a wider, more captive audiences. Television viewers come from all walks of life and everyone from pre-schoolers to retirees watch TV at some point during the day. Despite the popularity of the Internet, billions of television viewers watch TV for 4 or more hours daily to watch their favourite shows, catch up on the news, or simply to relax together as a family.This makes TV advertising a force to be reckoned with. One of the greater TV advertising advantages is the use of several mediums to promote your product or service. Television combines sight, sound and emotion to target different types of responses from viewers.

Compared to print media, this is a bonus. Think of the various advertisements you see on a daily basis. TV advertising effectively utilizes print, video, audio, still photos, motion, light and graphics to get the attention of potential customers.Therefore, Tesco will be at an advantage by being able to afford TV adverts that nearly every other person who watches the television will see and more than likely take notice of. However, some businesses require a specified audience make up to pitch their products and services.

This can be either an advantage or a disadvantage where TV ads are concerned. It takes a certain amount of time and trouble to calculate the demographics of the audience that will be watching at any one time. On the other hand, once the research is done, pitching to specified audiences can be a time and money saving promotional cost.However, one large disadvantage of TV advertising is the cost.

Companies may have to consider the value rather than the bottom line when purchasing an ad spot on television. Even then, smaller companies may not be able to swing the cost of TV ads. However, if your ad budget can include TV, you will find it to be the best value for your hard earned money. TV, when compared with any other form of advertising, is hands down the most inexpensive when measured on a cost per thousand basis. When expenses are an issue, audience targeting becomes extremely important.With some forms of media, targeting may not be an option, at least with TV advertising you can be sure your money is spent to reach your ideal audience.

Among the disadvantages of TV advertising is the difficulty involved in making changes to your advertisement. Once your advertisement is filmed and placed, editing or changing the material takes more time and money. It becomes essential to get it right the first time. Advertising events or sales that run for specified times become expensive. They will have to be pulled after the promotion and replaced with another ad.This shouldn’t be a problem for Tesco as it is a very wealthy business and can easily afford to make different adverts to fit different seasons and events of the year, however if any unexpected events where to happen and this business was to lose money, advertisement could become a problem.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using a Bill BOARDS in Tesco’s business Since billboards are generally placed along city centres and busy streets, you'll be guaranteed that people will see your advertising. Also, unlike with commercials or magazine ads, you cannot flip the channel or turn the page on a billboard.Therefore, people will notice the billboard whether they like it or not. Another added benefit is that many people travel the same route repeatedly, such as with their commute to work each day. This means that they'll see their billboard regularly, which makes it more likely to stick in their minds.

Another advantage is customized placement. Tesco can place their billboard advertisement wherever they feel it will have the most impact. This can be a big advantage when you have a business you want to draw traffic to right off a particular dual carriage way exit, or if they have a store just down the road.Tesco also use billboards in areas where reaching people are difficult. An example is rural farming communities spread over vast distances.

By placing their billboard advertisement along one of the main roads around the community, they'll greatly increase their visibility. With Tesco being such a well-known business, people are therefore more tempted to go and check out new deals and offers in stores around the country if they see Tesco’s advertisements regularly. However there are disadvantages of Billboard advertisement.Messages Must Be Brief- According to Marketing Scoop, on average, a person will see your billboard for about two to three seconds. This means Tesco will need to keep their messages short and to the point. Billboards do better when they focus more on images than on text.

For Tesco, even a simple “every little helps” logo on a billboard can attract attention to their billboard. Also, billboards are often seen by people driving by. Since they are in motion, it makes it difficult for them to read. Therefore, any text written on the billboard must be large enough for them to read easily (hence how big the “TESCO” is on signs).Another disadvantage is long-term Commitment.

Billboard companies often have businesses enter into contracts that involve long-term commitments. Mainly, this is because it takes a lot of time, energy and money to constantly change billboard ads. According to Marketing Scoop, billboard contracts usually cover duration of three months. This makes billboard advertising less conducive to businesses that frequently change their advertising campaigns on a weekly or monthly basis, like Tesco usually have a different advertisement for different events and seasons throughout the year.Billboard advertising works better for overall business and brand advertising than it does for temporary specials and sales, showing us that it might not be the best choice for Tesco to carry through with as it will help the success of the business.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using a website/pop-ups in Tesco’s business Web advertising is a main advertising method that Tesco uses. Is has many advantages yet disadvantages as well. Some advantages are, reaching more customers- Web advertising can expand awareness of Tesco’s company and encompass an entirely new set of potential customers.Individuals who have never set foot in Tesco’s retail location may be avid online shoppers who would enjoy shopping on Tesco’s website.

Tesco offers online discount coupons to encourage their in-store customers to visit their website, resulting in additional sales. Using an effective pay per click campaign or organic search methods, the company website can draw visitors from around the globe. Another advantage is cost effectiveness - If Tesco’s business has a limited marketing budget, web advertising offers several free or low-cost means of marketing.Pay per click advertising with search engines, for example, can be relatively inexpensive.

They can establish a pre-set limit and they only pay when someone clicks on Tesco’s ad. For search engine advertising to be effective, however, the company will need a compelling landing page that gets the results they want, whether their goal is for visitors to make a purchase, call the business, or sign up for Tesco’s newsletters. Email advertising can also be relatively inexpensive depending on how many subscribers Tesco’s want to reach.Some email advertising services offer a free or low-cost trial.

Personal touch is another important factor. Although the internet can sometimes seem like a very impersonal place, it can also afford opportunities for developing a more personal relationship with Tesco’s current and potential customers. When buyers go online to research a purchase they are considering, their website can tell them a great deal about Tesco’s company. Tesco can also use their website or email newsletter to educate buyers about their products and services.Photos of Tesco’s products and videos of their company's services in action are very effective.

Giving their visitors interesting and helpful content can help build confidence in Tesco’s company. However some possible disadvantages are that some methods of web advertising can prove costly in terms of time and money. Organic search engine marketing, for example, can easily consume hours of the business’s time researching keywords and building backlinks. Social media is free but may not lead much traffic to their site.

Paid advertising, such as banner ads and pop-ups, can be expensive, and may be more suited to larger companies, such as national banking chains, vehicle manufacturers and Tesco PLC of course. Another drawback to this type of advertising is that web surfers often find it annoying and click away or simply ignore it. Tesco need to make sure that their advertising does not alienate or bore their potential customers. In the 2013 Climate Change Report Tesco announced that they have plans to help Recylcing in the UK.

“Approach- We have committed to helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint by 50% by 2020. As part of this commitment, and to stop unnecessary waste going to landfill, we have new innovative recycling units for most materials including plastics, metals, and glass at selected stores. ” This shows us that Tesco is doing whatever they can to help the environment by providing not only customers but the general public aswell with recycling strategies for many different house hold items.The report then goes on to explain each different facility they have such as; Recycling your mobile phone, Recycling your printer cartridges, Recycling your batteries and Recycling your electrical items. This is a very good action for Tesco to take as it is not only attracting customers to shop in their stores more, but will also attract new customers as it is helping Tesco achieve a better name for itself by being related to helping the environment and doing its best to reduce its carbon footprint.This all helps to add to the success of the company and how well known the business is by having a good name for itself.

British shoppers are contributing to food waste problems by only selecting "perfect" produce, says Tesco. Speaking on Tuesday at a House of Lords inquiry into food waste, Matt Simister of the supermarket giant said domestic consumers were unwilling to consider imperfect fruit and vegetables.UK customers picked the "cream of the crop", unlike their counterparts in central and eastern Europe, he said. Supermarkets could do more to address the problem, he added. Mr Simister, food sourcing director at Tesco, was speaking alongside his counterpart from Waitrose. He told the House of Lords' European Union sub-committee on agriculture that he was looking at options to encourage people to buy the "old, ugly, misshapen" fruit and vegetables that tend to go to waste.

When asked whether product standards were too high, he said that Tesco would look at putting "more misshapen products through our value range at better prices". This shows us that Tesco is actually trying to promote less wastage in food and in water waste to help the environment and reduce wastage from turning into landfill. This again helps to promote a better ‘environmentally friendly’ name for Tesco at the same time as attracting more customers to their stores, which evidently is helping the success of the company.This above quote taken from the “awards and performances” section on the Tesco PLC website shows us that Tesco won an award for being a ‘green’ company and helping to keep their carbon footprint low, therefore helping to keep the environment healthy and green. All of the above information is essential for the company to help the environment and stay a green company as the market is so competitive it will help win over as many customers as possible, therefore helping the business stay as successful as possible throughout the UK and across the world.