The Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001 was created in response to the horrors of 9/11 event. To strengthen the nation’s defense on terrorism, the authority of law enforcement and intelligence agencies expanded its authority to monitor private communications and gain access to personal information.

There are the emergence of issues of personal freedom and liberty that covers the procedures by which they intercept information through the internet and other rapidly growing technology (Sobel & Condon 2001).The full impact of this expansion is rather difficult to assess since like the definition on the objective of their war on terror label, the statutory definition regarding the types of information they capture are vague and left for broader interpretations. The expanded definition on wire tapping extends to a chain of disclosure to executive employees who were not limited to the investigation of terrorist activities but also disclosure of business trade secrets. What will it be like then for the global business and its telecommunications process?Interception and collection of electronic evidence nationwide makes it difficult for a distant service provider to seek legal or procedural defects on issues involving the privacy rights of their subscribers. Well, whoever defines the situation controls it now, fearing fear itself down to the end to where it leads. The question is: How are we going to get Human Resources to conceive plans for employee preparedness on terrorism? Comprehensive workplace preparedness then defines the broader aspect of maintaining social and economic viability on its anti-terrorism solutions.

It aims to address and integrate the psychological and behavioral aspects in matters of risk assessment and program development tools for any threats related to terrorism. International business human resources must shape its knowledge on accurate assessment of the risk with the expert guidance on critical issues of countermeasures identification and evaluation, blast and weapon effects analysis to on site training of security tactics and procedures. The realistic designs must be able to capture the sensitivity of the issue and its consequences before it is conveyed for portrayal to employees.These terms only allowed the trimming of the branches of terror but not the roots. Hatred and animosity still breeds. It is important for people to understand the causes of terrorism, pull out the roots, and restore society to its health.

For it is in the understanding of what creates so much hatred that pushes a person to such extremes of unconscientious acts of doom for himself and for others. If fear ceased to become perpetual, then peace will be restored to our homeland.The attempt on illumination and perspective over recognition of beliefs and attitudes that influence behavior composed variables on timing and anticipation to effectively educate employees about human continuity factors in preparedness. Business facilities are ideal targets for international terror activities.

Its significance basically draw negative impact on the economy, infrastructure, and health. (Suder 2004). If security gives less attention to details of day-to-day individual behaviors then their ability to response to terrorist events is considered less efficient and affective.Human resources (HR) must have the appropriate leadership and experience to define and understand corporate history of crisis and its reaction to respective actions with well defined meaning to whatever implications it has brought to the company or yet may still bring.

HR must understand the degree to which the corporate brand in terms of influence and effects in disruption within the business sector may be perceived as potential target. HR shall establish on protection of the physical plant and business functions.Corporate recognition on the employee’s value must be communicated on them which can influence content and effectiveness of the methods they had developed and employed. The wisdom of preparedness requires more than just good equipment and instruction.

HR must develop educational materials on topics of human continuity preparedness and response for employee’s consumption and knowledge. A communication plan must be created in terms of internal communication and personnel notification procedure.This means graphical illustration and comprehensive data file on employee’s contacts and notifications. Customer, suppliers and vendor notification procedures and media relations must also be created.

This will give light to awareness and reporting policies of the organization. Support programs following a major emergency must also be studied and prepared. This includes grief or traumatic stress counseling, financial assistance like payroll and cash advances, temporary housing, and flexible or reduced work hours and the consideration of temporary telework.Insurance terms and conditions must also be studied and reviewed if it can support major emergency events such as terrorism.

Identification and passes different from regular IDs shall be considered and created that will serve to facilitate administration and logistics of personnel movement including provision and handling of supplies. (Florida 2007). The aspects of emergency call down procedures must be planned, reviewed and revised. Training must be provided for the employees.They must be made to understand that HR shall create an emergency response team, contingency team, and business recovery team using the skills of the people within the organization. Outside parties are actually not welcome at moments of handling attacks.

Criteria for the discontinuance and resumption of normal business operations must be deeply analyzed by HR. A good consideration for a skeleton workforce is much viable at this time. Security measures and issues regarding procedures for handling mail, visitors and deliveries in normal operations must be strictly implemented and be very objective.HR and security must be able to define and clearly notify both employees and visitors on specific areas that are restricted for access.

Of course, these areas must not be located on places that can be easily accessed also. These exercises and management controls will make employees feel their value with the company. They are more than willing to exert extra effort in safeguarding the company’s safety and the people’s health. When one starts to care, it will spread like a disease and organized itself to create a team.A lot of terror attacks were already made in different parts of the world and at different levels of seriousness. Companies must plan proactively to ensure that their employees are well taken cared of and that relative investments can be regained, restored and sustained even how intensive the attack is.

This is a matter of support and compassion. Visualizing to feeling such major event and structuring counterattack measures without failure of compassion is more than enough to show terrorist how human reacts with inhumane actions.