Wearing Animal Fur Speech

Good morning, everyone.

How would you feel to be skinned alive? Gassed? Or beaten to death? I know that we wouldn’t normally even imagine these things, but these are just some of the horrible fates that hundreds of innocent animals used for the clothing industry are facing in this world, right at this moment. We are indirectly responsible for a large portion of these murders. To prevent more destruction of lives, the fur industry must be banned. Wearing animal fur is not cool, it’s just plain cruel.

Almost all fur is imported from European fur factories, US fur farms, and Asian slaughterhouses where animals are captured by being anally or vaginally electrocuted, drowned, gassed, poisoned, skinned alive, beaten to death, crushed in traps, spending days in agonising pain or clubbed on the head, to prevent damage to the pelt. After that they are locked in severe confinement driving many animals such as foxes and raccoons insane where they self-mutilate and cannibalise their cage mates. Furthermore, the skinned animals are thrown out as garbage, left to die and rot, where the bodies aren’t even used for meat or anything else.

Of course, there are two major reasons why the skins of animals are used for the purpose of making clothes. These are necessity, and vanity. The first is that very poor people such as the jungle Indians of South America and the Eskimos in the Northern Polar region have no alternative than to hunt monkeys, seals and polar bears for food and clothing in order to survive. The second reason is that most people who follow the fur trim trend and buy brand names like Calvin Klein and Vivienne Westwood simply want to fit in and look ‘beautiful’ as unfortunately, fur is currently ‘in fashion’.

Let’s take a look at who died for just one fur coat. It turns out it takes the skins of 15 wolves, 200 chinchillas, 40 foxes, 10 dogs, 30 cats, 40 rabbits, 8 seals and 20 otters to make just one fur coat and besides, the fur looks far better on the animal than it does made into a coat on a human. Every year 50 million of these animals around the world are killed for their skins. Would you wear your pet? However, there is a perfect solution. Wearing fake or faux fur, which looks and feels just as nice, prevents the destruction of countless animals. So why do people still buy real fur?

It’s because most people are clueless as to how the soft fur they are wearing came to be made into a fashion item. But we know better. No one needs to die for fashion. The death and skinning of animals can be justified only for the reason of our survival; however can we really justify the death of billions for the sake of vanity and fashion? I don’t think so. For the sake of the lives of millions of our friends, the animals and a future with less endangered species and more kindness, we must all stop buying real fur clothing and start buying faux fur instead in order to stop the fur industry!

Thank you.