Sport Microcurrent therapy is a powerful tool for encouraging healing of injuries.. Microcurrent may be used in massage, and also by simply placing electrodes on specific places on the body. Micro current is extremely low amperage, current in millionths of an amp, which operates below the threshold of pain (sub-sensory). It is completely normal for a patient not to feel anything during a treatment. Current in millionths of an amp has the ability to penetrate the cell as opposed to going around the cell as stronger devices, like TENS units do.

Many professional sport teams, as well as Lance Armstrong and his Tour de France team, treat their athletes with sport microcurrent to improve their performance pre-game, and to help heal their injuries after a game. When Lance Armstrong finished his seventh Tour de France, few people knew his success was due to fast muscle recovery by FSM - Frequency Specific Microcurrent treatments given to him by his staff each evening. Following surgical repair of a partial tear of the radial collateral ligament in his thumb, Gary Carter, pitcher for New York Mets, noticed pain reduction after 5 or 10 minutes of micro current therapy.Thirty minutes later, he had no pain and had complete range of motion. MENS shortened his recovery by more than half of the time for treating sport injuries. For over twenty years microcurrent has primarily been used for medical purposes, mostly in the field of physical therapy to stimulate paralysed muscles.

Some surgeons have used it to aid in the regeneration of new bone growth. Doctors have treated sports injuries and temporomandibular joint pain, migraines, burns, and post-surgical and trauma pains.In the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, the use of electric micro stimulation won national attention when Dr. Robert Picker used micro-current on Olympic athletes Mary Kay Decker and Joan Benoit.

According to Dr. Picker, "Areas of trauma and injury have lost a measure of their electrical potentials and therefore become electrochemically undercharged and metabolically sluggish.By supplying injured tissues electrical energy within an optimal bioelectric range, their electrical potentials can be restored, which in turn sets the stage for rapid clinical recovery. With the sport microcurrent low frequency electrical stimulation is applied to the injured site is picked up by the body's internal communication system, which signals the appropriate cells to "re-educate" or grow, develop and repair. Frequency Specific Microcurrent was discovered by the NFL in 2003.

Bill Romanowski brought FSM to the Oakland Raiders with his chiropractor. Terrell Owens and Tony Parrish were treated along with eight linemen from the San Francisco 49ers in August 2003 by Dr. McMakin.Although Terell Owens was not in the winning team at the 2005 Super Bowl game, his mere presence on the field amazed his doctors who had predicted a long rehabilitation onto the spring for the healing of his fractured ankle. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is what made the difference. Now, NFL teams and athletes from other sports are using FSM in record numbers.

The results are impressive and consistent. Chronic injuries clear up in record time. FSM can remodel scar tissue in one sixty minute session that would take months to do manually.Mike Hayes, cornerback for the LA Raiders, has his own unit after being treated for an ankle injury and felt results immediately.

Dan Silver, M. D. , Orthopedic Surgeon for the Joffrey Ballet, the NFL League Players Association, LA Raiders and Rams, use it for these big league clients. Mike Spinks, Mike Elkins, Joan Benoit, Carl Lewis, and Joe Montana are a few professionals whose careers were salvaged after career threatening injuries were healed with micro-current therapy. The FDA has approved FSM for the treatment of pain and inflammation whether it is acute or long-standing.

"Off Label" use is permited at the discretion of the doctor.