“Hey who wants to play truth or dare? ” “Me, I’ll go first. ” “Ok, I dare you to go into the washroom close the lights and turn on the one candle in there, here is a lighter. ” “Ok what do you want me do with it what’s actually the dare? “I dare you to say bloody Mary three times and then stay in there for 3 minutes after doing all those things I told you to do. ” Good mourning/afternoon fellow classmates and teacher,I if you didn’t guess by now I’ll be talking about urban myths or otherwise known as urban legends.

First I’ll be talking about what is a urban legend. Right away you think of the urban legend bloody Mary or now the infamous Slender-man, those are probably the most famous one of them I’ll be talking about throughout my speech, that one being bloody Mary. Urban myths really started as long ago as Vikings and before that the Chinese imperial armies. They would tell stories of fighting undead scourge armies for those who don’t know what a undead scourge army is, it’s basically zombies yes zombies are older then you know way before the walking dead.

They would also tell stories about massive dragons, giants, etc. So urban legends are basically just come from mythos like the Greek and Roman ones. Most are completely false but other ones can be played off as semi real, semi real in reality is just a fancy way of saying their false, but don’t be confused by me saying that their fake that they are boring no. they are still interesting. That brings me to my second topic, bloody Mary. This is one of the first urban legend we ever even hear about considering that it is one of the scariest of the urban legend’s.

Bloody Mary in my opinion has one really deep history, you can track down the history of bloody Mary to the 1400’s back then it wasn’t called bloody Mary it didn’t really coin a name yet but back then the legend went like this, if you would to say the name of the person you wanted to marry three times in a mirror and plus while doing that walk backwards up a flight of stairs in the mirror it would show one of three things you marrying the person of your dreams or show you a image of him dying and last but not least a image of a witch screaming at you meaning that you will have a lonely and a life full of heart break, funny all these things will only work on Halloween.

Still to this day the tale of bloody Mary will only work on October 31st or other known as Halloween. When I was doing research on Bloody Mary I came across a website claiming that’s its only 15% real and those numbers make no sense to me . It’s another fake. Still a interesting legend.

Now this last topic is another urban legend and its more of a mystery more than anything, in almost every country they call it something else this mystery of a creature is Big Foot. Big Foot in almost every culture around the world is called something else in Canada we call the Sasquatch and in the mid-western united states they call him simply Big Foot. Big Foot storys really started in the 1950’s when a photographer took a picture of the creature walking through the woods and you see the creature looking over his shoulder like he just a normal man. A lot of people think this is a fake photo and that it was a tall man wearing a gorilla costume but I think he is real.

After that date there has been a lot of sightings proven to be fake and big foot prints in the mud of the forest. Now that’s the American side of the story there is about a million more story’s that are less popular like the yeti of the hymalain mountain’s and the Wendigo of south America those ones are really cultural beliefs. Well that ties up my last topic. So that concludes my speech on urban legends I told what is a urban legend, I told 2 urban legends one scary and one mysterious . One on the famous bloody Mary and told you one of the human like big foot. Thank you for listening to my speech and remember don’t let the boogey man get you.