This practice can act as an incentive for some but may also have a negative impact on others. To what extent is this style of management effective?

Many countries offer extra cash to their employees who work well or make a significant benefit to businesses in order to stimulate the staff to work harder and better. It can be argued that this type of management strategy could be a drawback to an organization while some people believe that it is an effective technique. This essay will explain how the rewarding strategy improves staff’s working ability and also present other method used to encourage the workers who dedicate themselves to their work.

Giving extra money to employee is one type of a company’s management tactics. This can make them feel enthusiastic and involved in work by this reward. In addition, the employee’s attitude to a job is raised in a better way, such as job satisfaction. It is better to give money to your employers in order to make them more interested in their jobs. In this way they will put in everything possible in their works.

However, this style of management can be limited only for individuals. There are many encouraging strategies, which work effectively, to persuade all staff in the company to increase employee’s output. Firstly, promotions could be used in the case of an employee’s performance that is above a working skill standard. Secondly, a company may have to provide a variety of working environment options; for instance, working at home, flexible working hours or good facilities and comfortable office. Moreover, offering or increasing employee’s health, such as sport activities or life insurance can benefit not only for employee themselves but also for the business having healthy workers.

Overall, if incentives can contribute to improving employee’s working ability in an effective way, companies should use the best management strategy to reward their staff.