According to the law in Malaysia, primary education is compulsory for all the children who are Malaysia citizen. Needless to say, all of us who are here today had graduated from both primary school and secondary school but graduation does not indicates that these schools are no longer related to us. For instance, may be your sisters, brothers or cousins are currently studying in primary schools or secondary schools.

May be in the future when you have children, they will study in these schools too.As we all know, childhood and teenage hood are the most crucial time for us to build a person’s personality so that he/she can grow up to be an asset to our society. Thus, it is very essential for us to improve the education system in our beloved country, Malaysia. In my opinion, I suggest that all the primary and secondary schools in Malaysia should be transformed into single-session schools as it bring more advantages to us. Generally, a single-session school is the school that includes all of its students in only one session which the class can start from 8. 0am and end at 4.

00pm while a double-session school separates its students into two sessions.There are many advantages to change the primary and secondary schools from double-session schools to single-session schools. Single-session schools not only bring benefits to parents. In fact, it also benefits students and our society. First of all, single-session schools benefit the parents. Parents can drop off and pick up their children only once a day.

This is because for single-session schools, all of their children will have the same time to start and end their class.Due to this, parents can be less stressful because they need not to keep watching on the clock and pick up their children 3 to 4 times per day. In addition, single-session schools also make it easier for working parents as all the children go to school at the same time and return at the same time. This saves the parents’ time. Besides, parents can also save money in the form of saving fuel or they can avoid to hire a private transport to fetch their children.

The money spent to hire a babysitter is unnecessary too because the older siblings can take care of he younger siblings. Due to safety issue, some parents may send their children to after-school daycare programs if they study in the early session of a double-session school. However, this is not necessary when their kids are studying in a single-session school. This can lighten the financial burden of parents.. Apart from parents, children will gain from the transformation to single-session schools too.

Students can complete their homework during school hours and this can be monitored by the teachers.As a result, children manage to finish their homework correctly and on time. In addition, students will have more time to spend with their families after they go back home, since they will finish their homework before they leave the school. Besides, research showed that the best time for study is in the early of the morning. A single-session school can arrange the timetable so that subjects that require concentration from students be arrange during the morning hours.

This enables the students to absorb the knowledge more efficiently.Single-session school will bode well as more time can be allocated for important subjects and ample time for remedial classes to be held. Some of you will worry about too long time of studying is too tired for students. In fact, extra-curricular activities will be arranged for afternoon hours after the break to encourage more participation. It is less time consuming because students need not to go back home during the gap, they can just take some rest at school.

May be some of you will argue that double-sessions schools utilize the time more efficiently by conducting extra-curricular activities at the afternoon.Yet, in fact, double-session schools find it hard to conduct activities in the afternoon because the noise produced would distract the children having lessons. Children being taught in the afternoon session would not have time for enrichment activities too. There is also a lack of space and the children have limited time to use the classroom as they will need to give away to the classes having lessons in the afternoon. Single-session schools have reported that they are able to provide a better environment to develop their pupils by giving them with more time and space to interact meaningfully with their teachers.

Apart from that, it gives students more opportunities to practice social skills. They have more opportunities to interact with their teacher. They also have more chances to present information and project to the class, which helps build skills. Last but not least, single-session schools also contribute to our society.

Single-session school can decrease the rate of student idling at shopping malls or cyber cafes. They need to go home straight away right after the school ends. Due to that, juvenile delinquencies can also be reduced.Single-session schools also help to decrease the crime rate as children finish their school at 4. 00pm which is almost the time their parents finish their working hours.

Children can go back safer because the environment is still crowded and busy and therefore fewer crimes will happen in these hours. Apart from that, there are no more latchkey children because the time kids spent alone in home is minimal. Thus, the cases of kids being kidnapped when they stay alone in the house can be avoided. Directly or indirectly, single-session schools help to reduce the crime rate.Apart from that, both of my interviewees said that a single-session school need more cost to operate. But actually the cost for both schools to operate is almost the same.

A single-session school operates for a shorter time but with more facilities and a double-session school operates with fewer facilities yet for a longer time. It is thus, proved that single-session school are better than double-session school. In a nutshell, single-session schools bring advantages to parents by saving their time and money.It also helps the students to have a better schedule which can balance their performance in both academic and extra-curricular activities. Apart from that, single-session schools help to reduce the crime rate and ensure the safety of teenagers and children. Throw away your misunderstanding that single-session school is less efficient in teaching students and time consuming.

Let’s bring something better for our future generation by supporting the transformation of double-session schools to single-session schools in Malaysia.