My distinguish Members of parliament, we are standing at the juncture of a cross road that will deem the economic and social destiny of our countries future. If we take the wrong turn it will have catastrophic effects on the social fabric of the society and we may not be forgiven by the future generations. I know that we have to make some difficult decisions and it may cause a rift between different classes and it may not sit well with certain sections of society however by shying away from the problem will only add fuel to the fire.

As the house is already aware, my intention here today is to put forth the Budget. It is in my knowledge that the raise of taxes has been the upmost concern among many but I assure you these taxes will help and these taxes will bring forth fruit and protect the security of the country. It is however still saddening to see that a rich country as ours, to be abundant in wealth firstly have such money deprived individuals but what makes a man like me even more miserable is that we are reluctant to help his neighbour.

The Budget is not just about raising taxes, as vital as it is to fund the project. It can help us to smash poverty, to raise horizons, to drive the innovations, products and services that make our lives better, longer and happier. We should help the man who has toiled all his days for the country but yet isn’t receiving some sort of fund to help him , we should help the children too poor to feed themselves and the workers whose hard labour isn’t praised.