Company Analysis ROOTS Industries Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of HORNS in India and the 11th largest Horn Manufacturing Company in the world. Headquartered in Coimbatore - India, ROOTS also plays a dominant role in the manufacture of Horns and other products like Castings and Industrial cleaning machines.

Roots Industries Limited has occupied a key position in both international and domestic market as suppliers to leading OEMs. Roots’ has a strong quality system as its base.RIL is the first Indian Company and first horn manufacturing company in the world to get ISO/TS 16949 certification based on effective implementation of QS 9000 and VDA 6. 1 system requirement earlier. Roots' vision is to become a world class company manufacturing world class product, excelling in human relation. Roots is a leading supplier to all the major vehicle manufacturers like Ford, Daimler Chrysler, Mitsubishi Lancer, Mahindra & Mahindra, Toyota, Tata Motors, Fiat Uno and Siena, TELCO, TVS Motor Company, Kinetic Honda, etc.

It all started with just a honk.Encouraged by the response, we kept on moving ahead. In the beginning, we did not realize that we would make such an impact. Slowly but surely, the reverberations were felt far and wide.

Indian automobile market responded to our call. Soon the global market too followed suit. Roots horns, in a very short span of time, got a place of pride in millions of vehicles across the globe. History An obsessive hobby went into the making of this self-made industrialist. Born in an agricultural family, young Ramasamy had a great interest in repairing automobiles.

This led to his getting the master's degree in Automobile Engineering from Lincoln Technical Institute, USA in 1969 and developing a unique Radiator Coolant Recovery System, which is today a standard equipment in almost all vehicles manufactured by the advanced countries. In 1970, Mr. Ramasamy promoted M/s. American Auto Service, which was taken over in 1992 by Roots Industries Private Limited, a company promoted by Mr. Ramasamy.

This company entered into technical collaboration with Robert Bosch, the world leaders in auto electrical to manufacture all the range of Bosch Horns. Mr. Ramasamy had a very inquisitive and innovative temperament.Servo brakes were designed for the first time in India by Mr.

Ramasamy. He designed the first high frequency Wind Tone type horn which was smaller and lighter than conventional horns. Besides all the other firsts, Mr. Ramasamy introduced electronically controlled Musical Air Horns for the first time in the World. The thirst for innovation and drive to move forward, led to the establishment of a die casting unit to meet the captive requirement of ROOTS.

In 1987, Mr. Ramasamy set up a full-fledged modern tool room equipped with the latest machines for the manufacture of precision tools and dies. He promoted Roots Multiclean Ltd. a joint venture in Techno-financial collaboration with M/s. Hako Werke GmbH, Germany to manufacture world class Industrial Floor Care and Floor Cleaning Equipments. RMCL is successfully spreading the concept of Mechanized Cleaning in India and also exports its products.

Mr. Ramasamy has been conferred the Udyog Shree Award in the year 1990. He has also been awarded the Udyog Rattan Award by the Institute of Economic Studies in the year 1991. 1.

6 Roots Group of Companies 1. Roots industries India Ltd -Electric horns 2. Roots Auto Products (P) Ltd -Air horns, switches & Controllers 3. Roots Multi-clean Ltd -Cleaning Machines . Roots Precision Products -Dies tools and Jigs fixtures 5.

Roots cast (P) Ltd -Aluminium and Zinc pressure 6. Roots metrology Laboratory -Instrument Calibration, -Quality system, Consultancy 7. Roots Polycraft -Plastic components 8. R.

K. Nature cure home -Nature cure therapy, yoga and massages 9. Satchidananda Jothi Nikethan -International school 10. Roots Industries Malasia sdn. Bhd -Electric Horns 11.

Integral Yoga Institute -Yoga and Meditation 1. ROOTS INDUSTRY LIMITED (RIL) The company is the largest horn manufacturing in India. It manufactures electric horns and also a wide range of other products.It is a leading supplier to all major vehicles manufactures like Mercedes Benz, Telco, TVS motor company, Kinetic Honda etc.

2. ROOTS AUTO PRODUCTS PRIVATE LIMITED (RAPPL) The company is India’s largest air horn company and is a supplier to sever OEMs like Ashok Leyland, caterpillar, etc; it used electronically controlled musical horns for the first time in the world. Its product range includes air horns, switches and controllers. 3.

ROOTS MULTICLEAN LIMITED (RMCL) The company is a joint venture in techno – financial collaboration with hake Werke GMBH, Germany to manufacture world class industrial floor care floor cleaning equipments.RMCL is successfully spread ling the concept of mechanized cleaning in India and also exports its products to various countries like Australia, Britain, Germany, Japan, Singapore, etc. 4. ROOTS PRECISION PRODUCTS (RPP) Roots precision product was established in 1987 to address the in – house tooling needs of the drivers industries in root group. Owing to continuous improvement and investment into better resources, the company has become self – sufficient .

It is catering to the needs of various industries. RPP acts as a one – stop solution for tooling and precision machining. 5. ROOTS CAST PRIVATE LIMITED (RCPL)Formerly known as Aruna auto castings private limited and started in 1984, the company manufactures Aluminum and Zinc castings for automobiles and textile industries. 6.

METROLOGY LABORATORIES The company is a comprehensive calibration centre in south India that offers mechanical, electrical, torque, pressure and vacuum calibration – all under one roof. 7. ROOTS POLYCRAFT Established in 1988, it manufactures small and medium size precision plastic components for automotive, pump, textile and medical industries besides meeting the captive requirement of roots group. 8. R. K.

NATURE CURE HOME It offers nature cure therapy, yoga and messages.It has treated thousands of people including eminent personalities from USA, France, Italy, Singapore gulf countries, Germany and UK for the past 20 years. 9. SATCHIDANANDA JOTHI NIKETHAN This school is a Matriculation, English medium, co-educational, residential public school, secular in nature, which lays emphasis on our great Indian culture, high moral values and universal brotherhood.

It provides, in addition to high quality education, excellent facilities for various Co-Curricular Activities, Computer Education, Art, Yoga, Swimming, Karate, Music, Dance, Ham Radio and various other club activities. 0. ROOTS INDUSTRIES MALAYSIA SDN. BHD The company manufactures electric horns. As a first step towards becoming a multinational company, the roots group has begun its operation in Malaysia. 1.

8 Future plans & Business strategy Towards a step ahead in Technology innovation an Electronic Horn with external module with a durability of 0. 8 million cycles is under development and will be launched shortly. Contact less Electronic horns having durability of one million cycles will be launched in Indian Market in the near future.A new 70 diameter horn both trumpet and disc type has been identified and the development activities are taken up as per plan. These new innovations will extend the product range and also satisfy customer requirements.

Reduction in steel thickness through Value Engineering concepts has been successfully implemented. The specialized software for APQP and FMEA analysis was also absorbed to improve the quality of products. Also the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), excellence in acoustic engineering continuous efforts is made for standardization of products and components through Continuous Improvement Projects.An exhaustive array of world-class machinery with varying capacities is employment for meeting the close tolerances with less than 0. 005mm, maximum repeatability with 0.

002mm, high precision and an ability to cater wide range of products. To extend the limits of excellence particularly to Aerospace and medical field, a deburring station was introduced as a technology improvement. Environment Policy With due concern towards maintaining and improving the Quality of Life, Roots is committed for sustainable development by minimizing pollution and conserving resources. This will be achieved through continual improvement inEnvironmental Awareness of all employees and associates, Legal Compliance and Objective toward Environmental Protection. Conservation of Energy Predominantly all the power intensive individual load centers have been identified and appropriate capacity Variable Frequency Drives have been installed. Lighting loads have been converted as electronic ballast in place of copper ballast as an energy saving measure.

As energy conservation measure, Compact Fluorescence Lamps (CFL) and other energy efficient luminaries/lamps have been installed at various location within the factory premises.