Who would have known how bittersweet this could be ! Romeo and Juliet is a timeless classic, written over four centuries ago. One of the aspects that make it live on until this day is that its a story of infatuation. Romeo and Julliet has long been portrayed as a story of true and divine love yet in reality the rash events of the story prevented Romeo and Juliet from having enough time to discover true love.

The whole story of Romeo and Juliet unfolds over the span of a few days it is hard to call Romeo and Juliet a story of love as love is something big that has to be built on a strong foundation and the creation of this foundation needs time, even if not a very long time but certainly not only five days. Romeo and Juliet didn't have enough time to know each other to understand their differences and similarities.Romeo and Juliet marry two days after they meet and are willing to die for each other in three days without thinking of the consequences of their actions, never questioning themselves if its worth the sacrifice. people in love are patient and Romeo and Juliet and Romeo and Juliet were not. According to able2know.

com” in act 2, scene 3 Romeo says that if he's caught he would gladly die. When Juliet takes the elixir she wonders if might be poison, or maybe it won't work and she'd have to marry Paris instead, maybe Romeo wouldn't be there to open the tomb and she would suffocate, but she didn't care, instead she took the elixir and didn't care if she died.Before romeo met Juliet with a couple of hours he was immensely in love with Rosalyn but romeo was very fickle, forgot Rosalyn instantly.in act 2 scene 3 friar lawrence tells romeo “ young men love with their eyes “ all he wanted was lust he was very shallow and was infactued with julliet the first moment his eyes fell on her.

Romeo was urged to have sex he was deeply into julliets beauty “young men love with their eyes” in act 2 scene 2 the balcony scene romeo and julliets hormones were enraged ,according to thinkink.com“ wilt thou leave me unsatisfied” “teenagers over the past 400 years have remained relatively the same; their hormones start to rage, and soon enough the biggest thing on everyone’s mind is having sexual relations with a member of the opposite sex. Romeo and Juliet were no different; they are not chaste little angels.Furthermore some of romeo and julliets speeches are very sexual Their speech in the play is extremely sexual , with Juliet even at one point complaining she has yet to enjoy the rewards of marriage, in a blatantly sexual soliloquy. “Gallop apace…/ lovers can see to do their amorous rites…/It best agrees with night…/O’ I have bought the mansion of a love/ But not possessed it; and though I am sold,/ Not yet enjoyed.

”Romeo and Juliet were infacutation . it was lust. they were very young and immature, and the time frame was extremly short, they neveer had tiem for their emotions to develop.