Romance in marriage often fades after couples’ struggling to survive in life.

What’s left to connect their relationships are just mutual respects and responsibility. Therefore, romantic love is a poor basis to start a marriage because romance is just a contemporary mutual affection of love on each other. Financial stability and shared moral beliefs are two important factors lead to a successful marriage. First, for most people love is considered an emotion, a mental state that arises spontaneously.Personally, love is an emotion that individuals choose to act on or ignore. The evidence is how people categorize their love for different people.

People would argue it is not really love if you are choosing to be with someone. There are different types of love; people will make their conscience effort to categorize love themselves. Second, successful marriage is not just a union between two individuals who love each other. Successful love requires many factors such as financial, family background,etc that love is one of those factors.People are getting married for many reasons not only base on love now In order to succeed in marriage, the couples must share mutual beliefs and morals. Beliefs and morals can be principles in living, cultural, and religious beliefs.

From magazines and informative pieces, writers and journalists show that the failure in communication between couples ranked in the frequency of 3 or 4 in top 10 reasons why a marriage can fail. These failures in communication can be the difference between religious views, not understand the spouse’s feelings or intentions that result to the breakdown in communication.Culture also plays a part in people’s belief. Statistics have shown that the number of failures in marriage between Asian-American and White American is higher than the number of failures in marriage between White couple. This could be explained by dissimilar in cultural and religious views they share.

Financial stability comes at second place in a successful marriage. Studies have shown that most successful marriage contracts have the strength in financial background. The frequency of financial issue in a divorce fluctuates from 3 to 6 in 10 top reasons why a marriage can fail.Indeed, financial supports people’s lives. The feel of love alone cannot support a marriage life without financial stability because life is too hard.

It is obvious that a person’s partner will look for another happiness that both support their emotions and financial if that person fail to fulfill one of these two factors above, especially financial problem. Romance can be an important spice in a marriage since it is true that romance plays the main initial role in a healthy marriage.Romance makes life more blissful in a person’s life. However, that strong emotional feeling about each other rarely lasts long. Besides, marriage walks along with a person from the point that he decides to engage with his partner until death separate them.

People have shown that romance often fades after the first two years, especially the time when children arrive on the scene. Another bad side of romance is that romantic people often have a tendency in discovering the new temporary feelings they have acquired.This results in the abandoning of old feelings they have for their spouses and leads to the failure of marriage. Without doubt, romantic love can be a disaster at some points.

In conclusion, romance does serve as a crucial role in marriage but shared moral beliefs between people and financial stability are more important. For further stability in marriage, romance just plays a meager part of the whole contract. Ideal marriage that romantic love is ubiquitous happens in romantic novels, not the reality.