In this article McCloskey writes what he believes as truth in the world we live in. He states that theists believe in a God and that they have “proofs” that this God exists. In the article he addresses these “proofs” and in a very academic and respectful way tears them down.

He attempts to eliminate all possibilities of the existence of God, through what he calls “reasons why I believe that atheism is a much more comfortable belief than theism, and why theist should be miserable just because they are theists.”

The first issue that McCloskey references to is the “proofs” that Christians hold to prove that God exist, but as we learned in one of our PointeCast presentations, the reasons Christians believe in God are not exactly proofs, because they cannot scientifically or in any way prove to a point that God does in fact exist.

These reasons are arguments, theories and carefully thought out propositions that try their hardest to justify what we believe in. Because of this McCloskey argues that humans should give up on the notion that God exists, yet since there also no way to prove that God does not exist, McCloskey is defeated by his own logic. So if humans are to give up on both the notion that there is or is not a God, then that leaves us with nothing whatsoever to believe in. There is no way to prove that God does or does not exist, what I might believe to be a strong argument for the existence of God, and atheist such as McCloskey might deem nonsense.

These “proofs” are simply and objective argument for the existence of God, thus have to be taken as valid argument, propositions, and theory and not as tangible proof.

McCloskey dissects three major arguments being the cosmological proof, the theological proof, and the argument from design. He takes all these arguments and picks them apart for both atheist and theist to see what he is trying to prove. In all honesty in some cases in these