"My regards to the Principal Sir / Madam, all my teachers, and my seniors here. I thank you for selecting me to participate in this Republic Day speech for children competition. 26th January is called the Republic Day. In 1950, on this day our constitution came to effect. We became free from British rule in 1947.

However, we did not become completely self-ruled then which is called a sovereign state. We became a sovereign state only in 1950. We also decided to make our country a republic. A republic country has no king or queen. Everyone is king or queen there.

Everyone has equal rights, and anyone can be voted to become the President or the Prime Minister of India and rule the country. The Prime Minister or any leader in a republic is no special person. He or she is only a common man. Any common man can get those positions in India, and after his or her service period, will again become a common man. It is not like the king system where you remain king all your life. Also, king's son or daughter do not become kings or queens.

A minister's son or daughter can not automatically become a minister. He or she has to win elections.That is the power of a republic where common man is the hero. It is actually an administration for the public and by the public. Republic Day is celebrated all over India, including all states.

It is also observed in the Indian embassies and high commissions abroad. However, the grandest celebration is observed in Delhi, the capital of India. The armed forces of India arrange parades to show their strengths. Also, almost all the states and various departments of the government send their tableaus that represent their culture, motto or theme.Before the parade, the Prime Minister of India pays his homage to departed soldiers in front of the Amar Jawan Jyoti. Then, the President of India arrives along with his guards and the Prime Minister welcomes him.

They then head on to Rajpath to witness the parade. The parade begins from Vijay Chowk, and after passing through the Raj Path and various other locations, ends in the Red Fort. It is really a great parade to see because of the colourful marching of the soldiers and the beautifully decorated thematic tableaus.