Family determines our future. It shapes children into who they will become.

If a family sets a bad example for the child, such as involvement in drugs, alcohol, and crime, then the child will most likely follow the same path. If a loving family spends time to teach their children morals and values, then the child will most likely become a good-spirited, well-rounded character. Which type of person would you prefer to be around, given the preceding choices?Therefore, the importance of family, a group of people that inspire and help each other grow, determines who will inhabit the world in the years to come. As mortals, we have all experienced failure.

However, have you ever thought about who helps us in these times? Most often, they are parents, brothers, and sisters. As stated before, family is a group of people that inspire and help each other in the ups and downs of our lives. We need companionship and people to help us get back up when we fall. People without family occasionally do become successful, but often, they follow what their parents do.For example, in some of the big inner cities, such as New York and Los Angeles, parents of children can often be involved in drugs, crime, and alcohol because they lack an education. Children will see this, and will believe it is correct.

They will skip school and involve themselves drugs and alcohol, which will eventually put them in crime. Their parents will not force them to go to school, the main reason kids lead these unethical and self-destructing lives; thus, in the future, a less advanced community will be created.Plus, people who have skipped education will not get into college or find a good job, resulting in participation with these illegal substances. If we do not fix this now, then we will continue to have a world inhabited of these uneducated drug addicts.

Family, to me, does not have to be blood-related. They can be friends, neighbors, or even teammates. My two adopted cousins have been welcomed into our family by my aunt and uncle. They have been looked after and cared for, thus another soul is welcomed into the warmth and comfort of family.

However, I understand that not all families are merry and happy. Some parents constantly argue, abuse, or take not interest in their children, creating a very unpleasant atmosphere for the child. Family for these children is pain. In many cases, a splitting family is most painful and depressing.

It affects everybody. I understand this situation because my Uncle Mike cheated on my Aunt Cynthia. Thus, a divorce is in the process. I visited my disheartened cousins this summer.

All efforts to cheer them up were futile. How does family apply to me?I strongly believe in the principle of family, for I have a strong connection with my own. It pains me to be away from them, even though I consider myself very independent. Family becomes a part of the person. I feel most comfortable playing in a tennis tournament with my family watching me. In one of the biggest tournaments in Texas, my coach took me.

I lost the first match in three nail-biting sets. I was so disappointed and sad, that I unfortunately took it to the next match, and lost again. My family was not there to console and prepare me for the next match.About a month ago, my family took me to another big tournament.

I, feeling the comfort of home, won the entire tournament. So, I perform my very best, whether in tennis, school, or community service, with my family at my side. In conclusion, my experiences with the companionship of my family have greatly impacted my life. They have shaped me into who I am today. I believe this is true for everybody.

Family is a luxury. Therefore, it should not be taken for granted. Ultimately, family shapes character and determines who we are as individuals.