Throughout the Chapter 25 of the novel Red and Black written by Stendhal, the character of Julien is described as someone who has the power to disguise himself in order to avoid conflicts or disruptions on his endeavors.

As the title suggests, Julien is able to solve the conflict that almost reveal his true intentions why he is send by the Marquis to a secret mission. A conservative conspiracy which would strengthen the hold of the clergy on France is the main task that is given to Julien which he succeeds by cross-dressing – changing his black clothes as a priest into a red uniform as a soldier.This shift of wardrobe implies the liberal-conservative conflict. Though this scene is taken as something not so important in the chapter, this spectacle reveals how great pretender Julien is which he also employed in his affair with Mathilde.

Mathilde is described as Julien’s greatest and ultimate love. Though Julien’s intuition tells him that the girl has somewhat the same feeling that he has, the girl is hesitant and confused about his true feelings for Julien. This motivated Julien to show how great pretender he truly is.Julien tries to act as if he feels nothing for Mathilde though the truth is that he really loves the girl. But his character is characterized as cautious and vigilant, he thinks that the best way to make Mathilde reveal and show her true feelings for him is by means of making the girl jealous. So the first thing that he does is that he pretends doing a love letter for somebody else which really makes Mathilde so upset.

He even manages to get the attention of Madame de Fervaques and acts as if he also likes the matron.This spectacle enraged the girl with overwhelming jealousy which resulted in Mathilde’s revelation of his love for Julien. Yet, Julien, though he already knew that the girl loves him, remains reserved to assure that nothing could change the mind of his dearest. The climax of the chapter reveals that Julien makes Mathilde pregnant yet the Marquis does not want an ordinary man to be the husband of Mathilde. So initially the Marquis planned to kill Julien. But Julien, knowing that the Marquis would not like him to be with Mathilde declares that he would commit suicide.

But Mathilde would not allow it, so the end of the story suggests the marriage of Julien and Mathilde and the Marquis doing everything to make Julien’s status the same as other noble men by giving him high position in the military and by changing his last name. As an analysis of the character of Julien, he is portrayed as a very excellent man accomplishing almost everything for his convenience. He is able to dodge in a scene where he disguised himself as a soldier by changing his clothes.Also, he is able to have the love of Mathilde.

And though this is not mentioned or confirmed in the chapter, Julien is able to uplift his status in life by marrying the Mathilde and being with the family of the Marquis. As an interpretation, the changing of the clothes made by Julien and his union with Mathilde implies the interchangeability and harmony of the liberal and conservative politics. The character of Julien is used to describe the then French politics by viewing it as more of a comedy rather than a drama.In relation with his love story with Mathilde, he is showed with superior psychological power making a much untamed girl by the character of Mathilde fall for him deeply.

His power to direct the course of the scenes is illustrated through his doings to make Mathilde jealous which he becomes victorious. However, the last part of the chapter which entails the changing of the last name of Julien introduces the idea that the character of Julien is still unknown to anyone. Though he masters and becomes excellent in each of his endeavor, no one even himself knows who he truly is.