Our university must have good coordination for some companies that accept On-The-Job Training inside their company. The university should provide more budgets and time given to the OJT coordinator and should assign not only one OJT coordinator to have the best monitoring of the training of the students are taking especially to those students who chose to do their training in far places like Baguio City, Manila and others. For me, the company is a good training ground.Because this government company created a good service to their clients and gave training for the students like me.

They treated me as their fellow worker. But unfortunately it is far from our university. For the company, they must have an IT Department or computer technicians to assist them about their problems regarding their computers. For the future OJT trainees, they must have a good company that would give them a good training ground and would enhance their knowledge and capabilities.

They must look for a company or institution where they can apply their learned knowledge from the university and they must know the background and the functions of the company that they are going to. They must know their nature of job so that they will have an idea on what they are going to do when they will be starting their training. When they are in training, they must focus and concentrate in their assigned task. They must follow the rules and regulations of the company. Just always be on time.And in case of problems, be calm and do not panic.

Listen to your supervisor and know your responsibilities. Don’t be shy to ask your supervisor or your superiors if there are something that you don’t understand. It is better to ask them than having any mistakes while doing your assigned task. Learn to accept the fact that you also commit mistakes.

Learn to get along with your co-workers and to your superiors. Always remember your reason why you are in that company, to learn.