Yes, in some ways reality TV is dumbing us down. Reality TV is kind of dumbing down television as a whole. Networks have learned that, because actors demand such high salaries and production costs are high, it's actually cheaper to do reality television, where the contestants pretty much work for free. We also see unrealistic behavior (like the housewives-of-anywhere), and people like to emulate some of the behavior they see on TV. Reality television does more harm than good. Reality television is not good for society.

People should not watch reality shows because they present absurd situations. Although these shows are called reality, they are sensationalistic displays of explicit sexual behavior that pander to the people's base desires. Reality shows have a deceptive name that belies their sordid content. A False Sense of Reality I believe reality television can do more harm than good. When you consider the scripting that some of these reality programs endure, its hardly reality anymore, but people take it as such.

When people falsely believe something is real they start to associate their own values with the reality they see on TV. If they have false perceptions, it can be difficult when your life doesn't add up the same way. So, when you realize people like the Robertson's from Duck Dynasty aren't really the beard wearing hooligans they portray on TV, but just a family that decided to brand themselves a certain way, it becomes hard to assess what is real and what is not. Divorces, Break Ups Reality television shows have caused marriages to fail on national television.

It has caused teenage girls to want to get pregnant just to make money. It has caused families to break up and argue. Reality television isn't good for America; it's just a distraction from the real world so humans don't have to get any real change done in our world. Reality television does more harm than good. Reality television is a base form of entertainment and it panders to people's lowest desires. It shows explicit sex and violence and it should not be available to children.

Reality TV is not actually realistic. It should more honestly be called unscripted television, because it does not feature professional actors. CON Does watching movies, reading books, kissing, running, thinking, or watching TV serve a function? Yes; they entertain. Like the Kardashians (somehow) do. What is the point of watching Kim Kardashian complain about her daily life when you can read a book, watch a documentary, or help out in the many charities out there that need volunteers. Because it’s entertaining.

What is the point of reading a book when it does not serve society? Why watch a documentary since it doesn't change society? The only thing it serves for the audience is entertainment utility, but we don't want a society that focuses too much on pointless entertainment that is of no value. Going out of one's house and helping out a charity or watching a documentary also has entertainment value and also creates something of worth to society, either the extra helping hand or the additional knowledge gained.

Why is knowledge or charity more important than entertainment? They are all meaningless in the long run. Whether or not you know that Hitler wanted to be an artist does not change when the Earth changes. To conclude it is pointless entertainment, which does more harm by the opportunity cost lost as a result of people taking part in watching this reality television shows. Why is it a bad opportunity cost? And why are you debating it with only 38 viewers? You aren't serving society!