Everyone is a speaker everyday, and speech is a powerful tool. Communicating your point to a large or small group of people take skill and preparation. Making a speech about an issue that you find important is usually a way to success. The speech about puppy milling it was very obvious the individual making the speech was prepared and cared deeply for this issue. This speech was clear, concise and delivered a feasible plan of action.The speaker used many tools vital to delivering his message and plan.

First he sent out a survey a head of time to get a grasp on his audience. This helped him gear his speech towards his audience. The speaker then grabs the attention of his audience by giving deep descriptive details of the living conditions, as well health and potential mental state the dogs may be living with. Another tool the speaker is using is vivid language.

The speaker gives examples by showing picture of the terrible situations the dogs have to live in.This brings to life the words he is trying to get across. Ultimately the speaker employs the Monroe Motivated Sequence by grabbing the attention of the audience. Then instilling the need to fix the puppy milling issue.

Next the satisfaction is presented by suggesting his plan for fixing the issue. The speaker implements visualization by showing how much better the the puppy milling problem could be if his plan was adopted. Finally he tried to catapult his audience into action by comparing there own pets living in the conditions of the puppy milling dogs. All of these tools are put together to support his idea, and plan to fix the problem at hand.The speaker presented plenty of information regarding the issue and his delivery smooth and calm. The speaker had full understanding of what he was presenting, and clearly cared about the issue.

He also used good supporting material with the help of a powerpoint. With these visual aids the speaker was able to help the audience visualize the horror of puppy milling. He used data from a credibly source to back up his points and give legitimacy to his goal. The speaker was also dressed well for this presentation giving him some credibility.

Emotionally he seemed completed invested in this issue, and reiterated that by making it clear he was a dog lover. I’ve learned that with preparation you can deliver a clear impact-full speech.The speaker had many influential phrases through out his speech. The opening line describing the a cold, dark room grab my attention the most.

Next the factual data informing the audience that two-four million dogs come from puppy milling a year was shocking to myself. After all the data and points were made by the speaker I personally felt compelled for change. He captured my attention because I am a avid animal lover and hate the idea of animals being in harms way. Dogs and animals rely on us as humans to take car of them.

Puppy milling is greedy and wrong.I chose this speech because the issue of puppy milling struck me. I have a dog myself that could have come from a puppy mill. The idea of my dog going through those conditions hurts to think about. I would do anything to protect any animal and it angers me to know people view animals as just another tool to make money.

The speaker had a very well thought out plan for possibly making a dent in the issue of puppy milling. If I was every in a situation in which I had to advocate for the termination of puppy milling the speakers plan would be a great place to start. Also he had factual impacting data that played immense importance to making me realize just how much many dogs puppy milling effects.In the end he had a very meaningful speech that came from genuine concern. This was very obvious to myself because of the tools he used to covey his point.

I’ve also gained a better understanding of the horrors of puppy milling. The speaker was very well prepared and concise.