To be the best company to work for whereby employees are treated as part of a big family Safety- Adopting a zero tolerance to unsafe practices and strive for zero accidents through proper training, work practices, risk management and adherence to safety regulations at all times. Valuing our People- Committing to our people’s development and well-being and treating them with respect, dignity and fairness.Customer Focused -We care and treat everyone in the same manner that we want to be treated.Integrity- Practising highest standards of ethical behaviour and demonstrate honesty in all our lines of work in order to command trust and mutual respect.

Excellence in Performance -Setting goals beyond the best and reinforcing high quality performance standards and achieving excellence through implementing best practices.As a potential future leader with Air Asia if I was Tony Fernandes the improvements I would like to see made to these strategies that Airasia Has implemented would be coaching and mentoring others to acquire new know, collecting, collating and analysing information using appropriate workplace business systems, developing customer acquisition and retention strategies, developing systems that are flexible and responsive to changing circumstances, evaluating and improving market performance, identifying strengths and opportunities within organisation's projected capabilities and resources. creating presentations using a range of media using computerised systems, software and telecommunication devices using technology to assist with the management of information and to assist the planning process using technology to record and generate ideas.The expectations of the organisation for its internal and external customers is Ensuring we do our business fairly, impartially, ethically, and with the utmost regard to safetyAssuming I was a General Manager of Air Asia Perth and their was to be a 3 hour delay on boarding for a flight I would announce this on our website tracker and at our check in desk I would ensure the staff stay friendly, helpful, and courteous with annoyed customers, I would offer vouchers for tea/coffee and snacks while the customers are waiting, anyone with connecting flight I would ensure that they are partly refunded for their flight, I would try make sure that alternative transport is offered to our customers.

In my opinion Air Asia has grown from strength to strength due to a turnaround in culture, focus and discipline. Mr Fernandes believes the trick is to be single minded about the operation and to keep it simple. Fernandes learned a lot by working on the airline himself this is a great way to know the ins and outs of the business and he is able to see the improvements needed to help the business grow. Fernades says that employees come number one and customers are number two he believes if you have a happy workforce they will look after their customers I 100% agree with this theory.

Methods that have been used by Air Asia leadership in implementing new technology in work activities and changes is working along side the staff and seen first hand what needs to be improved on. Mr Fernandes himself worked loading luggage onto his planes alongside his staff and in doing so he nearly broke his back, without this experience he could have made a very wrong decision that could have damaged a lot of people and destroyed the morale of the organisation which would have cost the organisation more money than belt loaders.I would ensure that the leadership of airasia is able to convey flexibility and adaptability to change in technology and environment by communicating with employees and customers on a regular basis, this can be done by survey, face to face, meetings ect. Employees and customers knows what is best for a business to improve and grow and to keep up with the growing technology and environment.Risk Management planning can be effective when decision making.

At the time of decision making it is very important to have strong planing and management for risks that maybe occur while implementing changes. As long as changes in technology and environment in Airasia is concern their must be some strong backup, risk management team so as they can deal with any emergency and issue if they are face by while the technology is being replacing or changing Airasia has developed its imaged and standard in the market in the past years.Now it is one of the cheapest airline company of the world with domestic flights and flights to around 20 countries as well. Most of their customers are loyal and suggest their service to others and the company it self has Avery bright picture and standard in domestic and international media along with competitive position in the market so in that case Airasia has to be very careful and well prepared while planning for any necessarily changes, improvement or updates in their organisation and must have the ability to manage risks and emergency situation if occurs encase during updating in order to protect its image and position in the market.