Nowadays, more and more youngsters choose the independent life and live far from their parents to take care of themselves. Although there are many advantages of living alone, the disadvantages must be looked into carefully as we should take a general view about this matter. When youngsters live on their own, there will be many benefits for them. First of all, they will be familiar with life sooner than others. To become independent and find solutions for difficulties in life by themselves, the youth will be more mature than those who live and rely on their parents.

In addition, after years of living independently, the young will learn how to take care of themselves and gain much knowledge from life which cannot be taught by their parents or schools. Secondly, living separately enables adolescents to make their own decisions. At home, they have to rely on parents about choices and sometimes, they may not have a chance to raise their opinions. However, when living alone, they will fully take charge of their life, making options from the smallest to the biggest issues.

For example, they can skip a period, have a new hobby, or choose the most suitable class for them to learn. However, we must also consider the disadvantages of living alone before making the decision. To start with, the young may feel very lonely and homesick. No one is beside them when they want to consult or catch an illness. Additionally, living far from home also means that the youth will be separated from their family, which can lead to lack of emotion.

Independent life can be very tough for youngsters who get used to being looked after and having others solve their problems. Secondly, as they are taking over their lives, they may lose self-control and live unrestrainedly. For instance, when living alone, young people may forget or have no intention of completing their assignments, since no one is around them to remind. As a result, they may get frustrated when piles of homework are coming to them and deadlines are so close. Therefore, it is important to organize and create a timetable to avoid similar situations.