Proofreading Out Loud Proofreading is a method of editing a document. Proofreading aloud is technique that engages the reader fully into the process. I generally proofread either to myself or in a low voice and have always been able to make corrections in this fashion. However, I do find that when I read out loud, it helps me to discover mistakes I might otherwise overlook.

Mistakes like grammar, punctuation, sentence flow or word usage. Overall, proofreading out loud allows you to not just catch those mistakes but to make on the spot corrections. For starters, proofreading should always be done from a hardcopy.Having a pen available for markings prepares you for possible corrections. When proofreading out loud, I do find what also works for me is to read with the proper inflection in my voice.

This will help with things like transitional words or when and where to use a comma or period. When I proofread out loud, I also try to do so at least twice. I try to pay close attention to my grammar and sentence usage and flow. In writing, two of my biggest challenges are using the correct verb tense and subject verb agreement.

What reading out loud does is to hear myself and if something sounds out of place or awkward, I’m able to fix it.A lot of times when you proofread your eyes will read exactly what you wrote and it does so on the premise of anticipating the next word. The way something reads is quite different than the way something is said, or rather read aloud. A tip that was given to me a while back was that reading out loud allows you to catch things you wouldn’t normally. For instance, reading out loud, allows your ears to catch things your eyes tend to overlook.

I have found that reading out loud forces me to not just pay closer attention, but when there is an error I am forced to slow down or stop.Plus this allows me to make the necessary changes on the spot like take out unnecessary words or add needed ones. Although I may not always be in the position to proofread my papers aloud, I am making a conscious effort to make this part of my normal routine when writing. I might also add that doing so does something unique to my ego.

It makes me feel as though I’m an actor reading a script for a part or auditioning. I know that’s weird on so many levels, but I guess one can imagine whatever, so as long as it works for them. Sharon Lee English 94 – Prof. Dillion Word Count: 433