During the process evaluation, you will be planning, implementing those plans, monitoring the plans and documenting the relationship of the elements of the proposed project. Yuen and Terao (2003). The focus of the process evaluation is:1) Explain the development of the program’s interventions, implementation and activities. 2) Produce qualitative and quantitative data on the services being delivered and their effectiveness. 3) Document the acceptability and appropriateness of the program for the target population. How they achieve these goals is through: 1) Program planning and development.

) Program interventions 3) Database management system. Yuen and Terao (2003). During the outcome evaluation, you will be focusing on: 1) The effectiveness of your intervention strategies 2) The ATOD use and family capacity 3) The replicability of project. Yuen and Terao (2003).

These areas will be evaluated over a certain period of time on a certain target population group. There is a schedule that should be followed in order to test these areas: pre-testing, post-testing and interviewing the client. This is where you will be able to measure the reliability and validity of the program. Yuen and Terao (2003)Two examples of the process evaluation are program planning and development and project goals and objectives. When developing the program planning and their developments, the information you collect helps measure the progress of the program as well as define what problems need to be addressed and any associated risks as well as the protective factors. Yuen and Terao (2003) This is all done by the agency staff, since they will be using the program.

All information collected during this process, will help the staff know what program best suits the needs of their client. Yuen and Terao (2003)Two examples of project goals and objectives would be activities and services used to meet the clients’ needs. Here, you will determine what short-term project goals you want to achieve with the target population in order to reach the long-term objectives. This is done through the staff reporting the progress of their clients, observations of the participation from the client, and the results your client was able to achieve through the activities and services.

By using project goals and objectives, your agency and staff can use them as guidelines for future clients to know what part of the programs and activities work and what does not work.