The race for 2008 US Presidential Election is already causing pressure to many key individuals in the American society; voters, businessmen, politicians, and foreigners who are keeping an eye on the present situation of the upcoming presidential election. Based on the recent accomplishment, campaign platform, backgrounds, and abilities, Hilary Clinton is the most favorable candidate for presidency over Barack Obama.At the end of this paper, expect that all of the issues concerning Hilary Clinton’s nomination will be debunked and identified where her strengths as a politician that makes her the most favorable presidential candidate for the upcoming election. To start with Hilary Clinton has more experience on the roles in higher government compared to Barack Obama.

Hilary Clinton, the former first lady and wife to the 42nd president of the United States – Bill Clinton, has an overview of the roles and responsibilities of a US president to its constituency since she assist Bill Clinton through out the entire duration of his term as US president from 1993 to 2001. During her term as the first lady, Hilary Clinton was appointed to head the Task Force on National Health Care Reform for 8 years from 1993 to 2001.The National Health Care Reform become part of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which is a federal effort to provide the state’s support for those children whose parents were unable to provide them with health coverage. She was joined by Senators Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch to accomplish that mission. Furthermore, Hilary Clinton, together with Attorney General Janet Reno, created the Office on Violence Against Women at the Department of Justice, which aims to provide protection to abuse women.In addition to this, Hilary Clinton was also the one initiated and shepherded the Adoption and Safe Families Act which she considered as her greatest achievement as the First Lady (“2008 Presidential Candidates: Hilary Clinton on the Issues” 1).

Another reason why Hilary Clinton should be elected is her concrete and more detailed platform compared to Barack Obama. According to (“2008 Presidential Candidate Summary” 1), her platform basically supports welfare improvement of the Americans in terms of political and economical protection.For instance, Hilary Clinton proposes for a cheaper health care plan which, most workers can afford compared to Obama who proposes for a relatively expensive health care plan due to limited budget. Hilary Clinton plans to limit the amount of money that everyone has to pay for health care plan for a premium to a low percentage of one’s income, which makes it affordable to the public. In addition to this, Hilary Clinton supports Free Trade Globalization especially to countries like Oman, Singapore and Chile.

In Addition, she has supported normal trading terms with Indonesia which provide more economic advantages to American domestic markets in terms of free movements of foreign direct investments to the above mentioned countries that later one will raise job opportunities in US and per capita income(“Hilary Clinton on Foreign Policy” 1). While on the other hand, Barack Obama is only planning to amend NAFTA, just like Hilary Clinton, in order to improve the welfare of the labor sector of US (“Barack Obama on Free Trade” 1).Moreover, in order to promote international peace especially to those allied countries of U. S.

, Hilary plans to provide microloans to the women of the third world countries namely Ghana, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and Dominican Republic, and support the enlargement of NATO to include Eastern Europe countries (“Hilary Clinton on Foreign Policy” 1). Furthermore, Hilary Clinton calls for the intensification of international affairs of the United States including promoting human rights and fighting terrorism through global cooperation (“Hilary Clinton on Foreign Policy” 1).On the other hand, Barack Obama only wants to rely on the efforts of various international organizations in order to suppress international conflicts between and within different countries, plus the strengthening of the peacekeeping force and the establishment of new institutions that would combat international terrorism (“United Nations Association of the USA [UNA-USA] Better World Campaign [BWC] 2008 Presidential Candidate Questionnaire on US-UN Relations” 1). Finally, Barack Obama does not have enough background in international affairs and foreign policy compared to Hilary Clinton.Based on the information mentioned on Procon.

org, Barack Obama has not clearly established his stand regarding various international issues concerning the United States compared to Hilary Clinton. For example, when the question: “Is outsourcing jobs to other countries good for America? ” Barack Obama responded “NC” or “Not Clearly Pro or Con”, while Hilary Clinton responded “Con”, which means she believes that outsourcing jobs to other countries only adversely affects the United States (“2008 Presidential Candidate Summary” 1).Furthermore, when Barack Obama was asked regarding “Should the U. S.

include mandatory regulations for labor rights in free trade agreement? ” he answered “NC” again while Hilary Clinton answered “Pro” meaning she supports the mandatory regulations for labor rights in free trade agreements which protects the welfare of American workers from the adverse effects of such agreement (“2008 Presidential Candidate Summary” 1).The third point would be, Barack Obama did not make a stand regarding the issue on whether the U. S. should support the independence of Kosovo while Hilary Clinton said “Pro”, which only support that claims of Barack Obama’s critics that he lacks sufficient knowledge foreign policy and international affairs compared to Hilary Clinton (“2008 Presidential Candidate Summary” 1). Knowledge in international affairs and foreign policy are the primary basis of voters, specifically women, in determining who will be their candidate in the upcoming election based on 2004 and 2006 Post Election Surveys (Conway 23).Conclusion Through her concrete platforms, recent accomplishments, political background and abilities, Hilary Clinton becomes the most favorable candidate for the upcoming presidential election over Barack Obama.

On the other hand, many political analysts argue that Barack Obama is a better candidate since despite of his short political experience and background compared to Hilary Clinton; he was still able to make significant contributions in the Senate.Barack Obama cosponsored the “Saving America and Orderly Immigration Program” and made three amendments to the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act” which debunks the claim of Obama’s critics that he lacks background of foreign policy and international affairs. But at the end of the day, both Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama are fit to become the next president of the United States, it just so happen that Hilary Clinton steps up above Barack Obama through presenting concrete platforms, numerous accomplishments, and having enough political background, which makes her the most favorable candidate for the upcoming presidential election.