Christians should live how Jesus teaches us. If he treats everyone with love and respect then so should we. As Christians and followers of Christ race, gender, colour, religion etc should not matter to us. The bible helps Christian's faith and is guidance to how we should live. Christians have many responsibilities and one of them is to help people in need. In Lk10: 25-37 it tells the story of the Good Samaritan.

A Jew is robbed and beaten. When the Levite and Priest walk past you expect them to stop and help but they don't. Instead they cross the road and ignore the man in need.The Samaritan then walks past and notices the Jew, so he stops and gives love to the needy man.

The Samaritan shows responsibility for the Jew even though they would normally be enemies. The Samaritan sets a good example for people today. If someone is in need, even if we don't like them or don't know them then we should stop and show them love in the way we would expect love if we were in need. In today's society we think of prostitutes as unacceptable. They are often attacked or beaten due to lack of respect.

But in Lk7: 36-50 it shows Jesus dismissing the fact of discrimination because of gender.People wouldn't of thought Jesus would allow a prostitute to touch him but he doesn't care. The prostitute is just a human being with the responsibility of making money to survive just like everyone else. Jesus is helping the prostitute by showing others if he is not afraid of being near her then no one else should. All human beings are responsible for their own actions.

If they wish to sin then it is their decision even if it is wrong. Jesus tries to guide us towards the light, so we use our lives to help others. Jesus was just as responsible as we are.If he can help people then so can we. Lk 7:10 tells us of Jesus curing a centurion's servant. Again Jesus wouldn't have been expected to touch some one of the 'lower class' as we may call them these days.

But Jesus had responsibilities, so he didn't care if the servant was his friend or enemy. Jesus should be our role model. What he did we should do. In God's eye we are all equal and live as one. But in reality, on earth, that is incorrect.

There is a divide between the rich North and poor South. Some people stick their noses up at the people who live in poverty.But it is everyone's responsibility to work together and try to remove the divide so everyone is equal to God and each other. Jesus had a responsibility to look after the poor and did not show favouritism to anyone. One of the greatest commandments is ' to love your neighbour'.

It is our responsibility to stick to the commandments and do what they say for this is the words of the lord. In society today people look at each other and class the person because of who they are. Yes everyone may be unique in their own way but there is also similarities.We are sons and daughters of God and are made in the image of him. Galatians 3:28 reinforces the fact that there is no male or female, no Jew or Greek also no slave or free man. We should all be in harmonious union together.

God has given us responsibilities within life, so we should dismiss prejudice and discrimination and anything else which gets in the way of living as one peaceful family helping each other's needs. If we do this then we are showing our true faith and we will be called Christians, and this is something to be proud of. Jesus teaches us about prejudice and discrimination.What we are taught and what we learn we must put into our lives and use each and every day.

When people are faced with the chance to discriminate or be prejudice they should stop themselves preventing any evil to happen. People can be encouraged to discriminate and be prejudice for a numerous amount of reasons, for example the way they have been brought up and their home life. In the world today discrimination should not affect the working industry. In some cases the job may be given to a male because it evolves heavy lifting or extreme work such as a club bouncer or an undertaker.Even though a female may be as equally strong or equally suited to the job the male may get it due to typical stereotypes in today's world.

Everyone is as capable of working and some people may surprise others of the qualifications and physical side of work. But to be able to show their true person who is inside they need a chance to do that. But this is not always the case. A job interviewer may take one look at the interviewee and discriminate against them even though they could be the exact match for the job. But sometimes a certain standard of a person may be needed, such as a doctor.

They are expected to have high grades because we do not want a doctor who is not correct for the job, which means the death rate could rise dramatically. Could we still call this discrimination or prejudice if someone is turned down because they are not up to the standard required even though they did their best in their exams? I don't think we can. Other Christians should act in the same way because they believe in life and to achieve the most out of life we do need to have a set standard for some jobs. To actually go places in life we need to evaluate and question specific things.A lot of people are faced with accusations or physical actions because of who they are. Some people even stand up for their rights; a good example of this is Martin Luther King.

He was a Christian and believed that every one is equal and should be treated the same no matter what. He was no different to any one else and wanted to put a stop to people treating others, of a different race, in an unjust way. Martin Luther King respected his faith and stood up to what he believed. In America racism was a big problem. A black lady named Rosa Parks experienced one of the very many cases.

Rosa Parks was sat on the bus when she was told to give her seat up for a white person other wise the driver would stay stationary. Rosa Parks found this very unjust. Martin Luther King wanted to put a stop to the 60% of American black people experiencing unfairness. So what he did was use non-violent action to try and overcome the racism. One of the resolutions was for black people to stop using public transport.

Soon the bus services wanted to change their laws due to loss of profit. Most black Christians would of acted this way and agree with the non-violent action taken.But not all Christians act in harmony with each other. In Africa some Christians agreed on separate development for blacks and whites. This showed Christians being racists and acting differently.

The separate development decision was unfair because the white people were given the more expensive and luxurious life style. Everyone should treat each other equally and how they would want to be treated. Prejudice and discrimination has always been a major problem in everyday life. In the time of Jesus a good example of discrimination is when Jesus went to stay in Jericho with Zacchaeus.

He was a tax collector who was discriminated against and told he was a sinner. In Jesus' work he aimed to change the prejudice and discrimination given to the tax collector. We should do what Jesus did. Prostitutes have been around from Jesus' day to the present day.

They are still given no respect and are treated the same as how they used to be. It is a job they have so they can stay alive. No one should attack or hurt prostitutes because we are then discriminating. We as Christians should act how Jesus acted with love and respect and help the prostitute.

Jobs are big problems due to the discrimination of the employer and/or employee. We should try to stop prejudice and discrimination so everyone's lives are better. A Christian employer would be morally obliged to demonstrate equality in their firm. Christianity is very relevant to the problem of prejudice and discrimination because it provides a moral framework to criticise its existence. The worship of Christians should never let the world be indifferent to the needs of others, to the cries of hunger, to the naked and the homeless and to the sick, imprisoned, oppressed and disadvantaged.If we do not love our neighbour and God or follow the teaching of Jesus our Christianity is false.

Christians believe prejudice and discrimination is a sin. As a Christian I agree. But to me it may not be the greatest sin of all. To some people it is pure evil. Christians have different views and one may be yes it is the greatest sin because we are discriminating against our God because we are all made in the image of him. We are all equal and everyone has the same right to live on this earth.

But some people abuse the privilege and think they are higher than others, so they become prejudice and discriminate.Discriminating against some one can lead to death. This may be suicide or murder. Killing someone is a sin and is going against the commandment 'thou shalt not kill;' An example of discrimination leading to death is when the Native American Indians were killed because of who they were. This sever case of discrimination wiped out a whole tribe and this is not correct in today's world. We should respect and love people and then we will receive it back.

In World War two the Nazis committed horrifying sin by murdering innocent people because they were not the type of people they had in mind for their perfect race.But God created us and to him we are all perfect and just what he had in mind when creating us. We are made in the image of him, so anyone who dislikes the way they look or others look are criticising the way God looks and the way he creates. On the other hand we must ask our selves what about child abuse? What about rape? What about murder? If we injure and abuse the future generation of adults would there still be a chance of a future generation? The children maybe so distressed and horror-struck because of what's happening to them that they may wish to not reproduce.The Catholic Church is a strong believer or reproduction within marriage so surely child abuse is a very bad sin and high up in the list of evil. Also there is rape.

This again is abusing the body God has created. So doesn't this suggest we are abusing him and turning our backs away from him? If we do this then surely we are sinning. So this could suggest it is worse than prejudice and discrimination. Now onto murder. This can be tied in with prejudice and discrimination due to the fact people are killed or commit suicide because of who they are as I mentioned in the examples earlier.

To me I personally think murder is the greatest sin of all. This is because the life we have been given is a gift from God, which is being destroyed. This does include prejudice and discrimination to a certain extent because this can lead to death and is a very unpleasant part of society which people are faced with. People should look after others and watch out for them instead of going around and judging them. If the evil were taken out of the world it would be a much better and more enjoyable experience of life for people.Globally people would have different views to me.

Some would agree and some would disagree. But I think that at the end of the day if someone sins then they sin, no questioning involved. Turning our back on God is the greatest sin of all and whatever we do wrong is when we turn our backs on God. Some people may just swear some may kill, but they are both wrong and both classed as sinning. Evil should be abolished to enable us to live with no fear and worries about who we are and what could happen to us next.