For a nation or a state to flourish, it is very essential to take a full watch on crime control.

Maintaining the safety and security of the members of the community is vital to its citizens. Who would want to live in a place where the crime rate is in height? During elections, political parties carry out general points of action which they would like to accomplish if they win an office in the administrative wing of the state.Before, distinct standpoints could be recognized between them. However, as time passed by, it seems that each party is losing its individuality most especially in the issue of crime control.

These parties are ought to be going with the flow or favoring the “trend” or the position of the majority even if it is politically wrong. This tactic could be considered as a political style to draw the citizens to vote for them.Being established political parties for many decades now, they have gained this political maturity in dealing with different issues that are concerns of the state. Who would not know the very controversial “War on Terror” of the Bush Administration? During this time, the political parties of the United States of America were condemning terrorist attacks because of the bombing incident in the twin towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.Though this War on Terror has gathered many objections in other countries, it has been continually operating in Afghanistan up to this date since it was able to shape the public opinion during the heat of the 9/11 incident (Walker, 2001). The standpoint released by political parties on the issues on crime control nowadays is no longer reflecting the principles and the ideology of their party.

Losing their distinctiveness in their positions is a political tactic to deceive the citizens and to attract them to gain confidence over their party.