Beauty is one of the complex issues in human life. As a matter of fact, the complexity of beauty arises based on the fact that people define and view beauty differently. The fact that beauty is opinionated by mind makes it difficult to prove by law or fact. Beauty entails various qualities such as form, color or shape that pleases people in various ways. In most cases, beauty pleases the aesthetic sense of the sight. Beauty gives the mind deep satisfaction and intense pleasure. There are various ways that an individual can judge beauty.

The categorization of beauty brings out two types of beauty, the inner beauty and the outer beauty. The outer beauty refers to the physical feature, complexion, and appearance of a person or an object. On the other hand, the inner beauty entails personality, traits, and characteristics of an individual. In general perspective, there are various similarities and differences between the inner beauty and the outer beauty. One of the comparisons of inner beauty and outer beauty is the apt of goodness in it.

Outer beauty entails being good looking from outside, and can easily be seen through the sense of sight. Inner beauty is also a good trait, whereby an individual is nice towards others, helpful and kind. The inner and the outer beauty are related in the sense that the inner beauty gives a clear reflection of the outer beauty. In most cases, if there is no inner beauty then the outer beauty will have no value. Inner and outer beauties are similar in the sense that they both attract individuals.

The inner beauty of an individual will always attract people to know more about the person. The outer beauty also attracts an individual based on appearance and clothing. It is the outer beauty that people in society notices first. There are contrasting issues between the inner and the outer beauty. In terms of importance, the inner beauty is very important compared to the outer beauty. This is because the inner beauty s associated with pure truth. The physical beauty is only an illusion that does not possess a realistic strength, but it is driven by shallow mind.

The difference between the inner and outer beauty come in the way they are achieved. The outer beauty is achieved through inheritance, birth, and use of cosmetics. The inner beauty comes as a result of our manner, behavior, values and actions. It is worth noting that the outer beauty in the modern era has become too artificial. This is because of the use of cosmetics and plastic surgery. In addition, the description of both the inner and outer beauty brings out the differences.

The inner beauty entails the personality, traits, attitudes, and characteristics that bring out an individual portrait. On the other hand, outer beauty is an appearance on the outside that entails color, eye shape, body type, body figure, elegance, as well as complexion. The use of chemicals to change the body shape and figure has tremendously made the definition of outer beauty dynamic. In most cases, people judge individuals based on the outer beauty yet the real person is based on the inner beauty. The aspect of beauty is dynamic in nature.

This is because when one is beautiful from the outsides by is not beautiful from the inside the entire attraction fades away. Inner and outer beauties are very important in how people judge others. As a matter of fact, people need to focus on the inner beauty since it is more important and attractive. The inner beauty does not fade away that easily and tells more about a person. The outer beauty should not deny individuals an opportunity to see the inner beauty. There is one clear cut definition of beauty since it is based on opinion.