Personal hygiene: Taking Care of your Body With as much as we know about personal hygiene today, through television ads, magazines, newspapers and many other publications it is hard not to know that personal hygiene is good for your health. Some of the things I like to concentrate on in my life are cleanliness of my home, personal diet, exercise, mental health, spiritual health and bodily hygiene.

As I see these things at the top of my list I feel that they are most important to me.My feeling is being without one of them would not allow me full personal health and ultimately not being able to reach my maximum potential. My home is my place of peace and where I can find full relaxation. Keeping a clean home allows me to feel good about myself.

Putting things back where they belong, mopping my floors, and dusting is also a form of stress relief. Not having a clean home can add stress and many other issues in life. Having a mess in my house I tend to feel that my life is a mess and then things start to spiral downhill.Not only inside my home but outside as well, making it very difficult to obtain my goals. Americans as a hole, tend to forget how important it is to eat right and have a personal diet.

With life being as fast paced as it is today it is difficult for people to spend the proper amount of time taking care of themselves. The majority of society is willing to accept this as the norm, however; the long term affects are still to be determined. If you think of your body like your home you will then start to realize how significant it is for a personal diet.I know how imperative it is for me to eat properly, when I eat fast foods my body feels weighed down and un-energized.

On the other hand when I eat correctly it just feels like my body is all in line and full of energy. Making all the difference in the world and it allows me to think and feel at my best, also allowing me to be quick on my feet and my thoughts moving freely. Getting myself to exercise takes a lot of will power, not always wanting to work out, but knowing if I do not I will not be able to maintain the physical and mental state I am looking for.My understanding that exercise is crucial not only to my physical body but also to my mental health and is the key to my success. On the days I do not work out it is amazing to me how different my body feels. I do not have the same energy and my mind does not feel as engaged and sharp as when I do work out.

Exercise is food for the brain which I think should be one of the most important and stressed things that we share with younger generations. I believe mental health is among the most critical of all in my life.Not maintaining my mind can cause many problems, not only with my psyche but also my physical body. Emotional well-being is something I sometimes don’t pay much attention to not realizing how big of a role it plays in my health. Depression is a big part of mental health, something that is so easy to fall into and hard to get out of.

Which can be caused by many things are a bunch of little things at once. The ways I combat depression depending on how I feel and what I am going through are physical exercise like Bike riding and running.Though these activities it allows my mind to produce more endorphins. Endorphins are what the brain produces to make the body feel happy which is produced by the brain during exercise and excitement.

A healthy spirit can mean so many different things, all depending on who you are and where you come from. To me a healthy spirit is being at peace with myself, wholeness, knowingness, and a sense of something far greater and more wonderful than what is in front of me. Being able to continue to obtain these things is a life long journey and one not fought alone.We as people were built to be happy and enjoy life and as life has progressed we have lost site of laughter and happiness. My spirit is my core, and is the one thing I overlook the most. I have to make it a priority to feed my spirit and understand what makes me happy.

A health spirit takes a mindful effort. Bodily hygiene is the first step to good grooming and good health. Every external part of my body demands a basic amount of attention on a regular basis. Some of my basic grooming routines include combing my hair, brushing my teeth, cleaning my hands on a regular basis, and trimming my nails.Ignoring these things can cause problems that I am not even aware of.

Some of these problems may not be my fault at all, but improving my bodily hygiene standards will help control some of these problems. Looking good and feeling good are the outcomes of taking care of myself, leading to more emotionally and physical well being. The combination of the cleanliness of my home, personal diet, exercise, mental health, spiritual health and bodily hygiene combined together in my life will continue to make for a successful and healthy future for me.While these are a few of the highlights which make personal health an important part of my existence, they might not be the right ones for everyone. There are so many others that can be explored and will be as the dynamics of my life change.

It is my hope that I will continue to succeed and make great strides, always keeping myself open to new avenues and new ways to continue to improve on all of my personal, mental, spiritual, and bodily hygiene.