People learn from a variety of sources, why? It is because the sometimes people can’t find everything they need in just one source. For example, people will not always learn cook by the paper recipe, when my mom want to cook something, but didn’t know how to, she search it up on the internet. Then, she will cook me some delicious Chinese food. She just learned from the internet which is a different source than the cooking book.

Not only will my parent learn from a variety of sources, everyone will.A student, in a state of no internet and books, wants to finish his homework. He is worried because the homework is due in 15min. He is so depressed that he is going to cry. Suddenly, one of his classmates who are a genius at the subject appeared in front of him, and offered help. The student who needs the help has no idea how did this genius classmate get here, but he accepted his help.

Later, this student completely mastered the subject, and finished his homework. The student just learned from his classmate which is a different source than his text book.Two weeks flew away really fast, the student get another project. This project requires the student to find the family tree of his family.

The teacher said that missing one of the information of the family member will lose lots of marks. The student went home, and asked his dad for help. His dad told him everything he knows of the family members. However, the student is not satisfied; he thinks that the information isn’t enough.

He really wants to work hard and get a great mark.His mom came in and said there is some old document in the attic. The student went up the dusty and dirty attic. He saw some spider web on the corner of the attic and a big box under the spider web. He opened the old box, he found all sorts of document about his family tree.

He is so happy because everything the teacher asks for is on the document. He just learned something through the document sources. He got an A+ for the project. People will always learn from different sources because it will help them a lot.The case of the student, if he refuses to learn from his classmate because he only uses the source text book, he won’t finish the homework in time.

And when he is trying to do the family tree project, if he only just used the one source, his parent, he will only get a low mark. However, when he uses both sources, he gets a better mark. People learn from a variety of sources because one source doesn’t always have all the information. If it has all the information, just use two because it will be more accurate and has more information.