Paul Cezanne was a French artist and Impressionist painter whose work laid the foundations of the transition from the 19th century conception of the artistic endeavor to a new and radically different world of art in the 20th century. The period in which Paul Cezanne was active in was the Post-Impressionist, Cubism, and Modern art. Paul depicted dark imaginary subjects in violent, expressive manner.He believed that color and form were inseparable and the structure and solidity emphasized the feature he thought were neglected Impressionism and so as he changed his things up he became the figure in Post Impressionism and he rarely dated his work. His work started to influence many younger artists, including both the Fauves and Cubist and he was often seen as a precursor of the 20th century.The title of one of his works is called Mont Sainte Victoire and Cezanne started the painting in 1902 and finished his work in 1904(Harvey, n.

. ). [pic 1] In the picture above painted by Paul Cezanne he used planes of color with bright and light colors to perceive the shinning of the sun. His brushstrokes were small strokes that built up to form complex fields in the picture as well as methodical brush strokes to form the trees in this picture. The lighting he used was mature of fugitive light falling on the surface of the painting which is also called moving light (The art story.

com, 2009).For example the middle of the painting has the nature of light appearance to show the nature of light appearance and the trees were a little darker in color and the methodical brushstrokes to form the trees and the mountain was small brushstrokes that made the appearance to look further away and he blended the colors in with the mountain to make them look like green bushes are on the mountain side. The Impressionist style differs from the style of Realism because impressionist focused on what grabs our visual attention and realism focuses on details.The second difference is impressionist style is everything outside of the focus area is blurry and realism is the photos look live they are real and they are very clear. The last difference is impressionist is worried about the subject matter of the painting and realism is less concerned about subject matter and more concerned about the subject.

The three distinct differences between Impressionist and Post-Impressionism is the impressionist focuses on pallets of pure colors and the post-impressionism are more focused on symbolic content with formal order and structure.The second difference is the impressionist fleeting effects of light, atmosphere and movement and the post impressionism thought that the color could be independent from form and composition as an emotion. The third and final differences is the impressionist painted more of landscape art where the post impressionism painted more of the non-landscaping themes and had more transient effects (Oxford art online, 2007).I believe that Realism would best communicate direct message because it is real and is actually something that is happening. It is real and we can let others know the direct message we are trying to portray and it portrays the subject matter truthfully not artificially but honestly in my opinion they all communicate a direct message.

Once again I believe that that the realism would evoke an emotional respond because of the detail in the painting and the subject are those that are real to use even today.Realism really draws my attention and it reminds me of the important things in life even though the other two are more of colorful picture that are a subject where the realism is real to us. The three examples of realism that I see every day is the picture on my wall of my daughter when she was smaller at the park sliding down the slide. The next example is a picture of my mom and dad on their anniversary and it reminds me of the little things in life.The last example is a picture we have in our office that is a photo of my co-workers family and it shows the innocent of her small grandchildren playing together. I believe that a situation in which the style of impressionism might best be used in art and or design today is a family portrait.

Impressionism today is popular in portrait art and still life which that is how these artists make their money today.