As is known to all, not all people are satisfied with their present career, in other words, they are feel persure. Nobody wants to be haunted by it. So people should sometime do something that overcome stresses. As far as I am concern, I think learning how to overcome stresses is of more value for things are always necessities of our lives. First of all, it goes beyond doubt that doing excise is a way to overcome stresses. As is known to all,when you do excise, you will focus on what you are doing instead of terrible experiences.

According to statistics of a widespread survey over my country, people in notable number, even has the tendency of increasing express that they do excise for the simple reason that they need to. They feel necessary to go to the gym to relief and overcome stress. There are many sports for you to select such as soccer, tennis, basketball, badminton and yoga. of course different sports has different benefit for your physical and mental health. For example, many people choose to go to swimming pool after work, because swimming is a easy way for every person who meet difficulty in his or her live to get a better mood.

Thus, do excise help you overcome stress. There is a second choice to overcome stress, for some people who do not have time to do excise or can not find a gym, is chatting. Nowadays with the development of advanced science and technology, telephone reduce the distant between people. when somebody feel pressure, they would like to call friends or family member for help. Friends are willing to listen carefully what was happened to you and give you a hand to get rid of stress. It is reasonable to expect you break up with your boy friend or girl friend, you need a friend to chat with. Tell your friend the story

overcoming stress! between you and she, from encounter to break, from stranger to intimate. The more emotion you express, the more stress you overcome. Besides doing shopping also play an important role in overcoming stress. As we all know, there are many stress that are not able to confide to anyone. In order to overcoming these kinds of stress, some people prefer to buy some unnecessary things such as clothes, shoes, cosmetic and jewelry rather than to go to gym or to chat with friends. For example, when I buy a handmade jewelry, I would feel very smart wearing a beautiful gold necklace or silver ring.

People would comment and tell me how much they loved my jewelry. They would compliment me on my good taste. It definitely make me forget the former stress. Thus, doing shopping is the efficient way to overcome stress. As we discussed, although stresses can not be averted, we have several ways to overcome it. If you have enough energy to do sports, go to the gym. If you feel too tired to move, make a phone call to your friend or family member. If you want to keep your secret, buy some accessories for yourself. These methord will effectually help you overcome stress.