Running Head: ESSAY OUTLINE ON CYBER BULLYING ON SOCIAL NETWORKS Cyber Bullying through Social Networks ENGL107-1103B-23 2011 I. Thesis Statement: Social Networks are giving bullies an opportunity to attack individuals online by invading their privacy and creating psychological effects from attacks.

These problems need to be addressed by controlling and preventing cyber bullying. II.Social Networks create an open access towards exposing individuals’ personal information Social networks allow individuals to post personal information, which includes full name, date of birth, addresses, phone numbers, precise locations, emails, and more Information can be exposed to individuals or cyber bullies if necessary privacy account settings are not enforced Exposed private information of adolescents causes them to be at risk with dangerous situations including attacks from cyber bullies III.Individuals attacked are highly exposed to having psychological problems in their current state or future Cyber bullies attack individuals using their exposed private information Individuals who have been involved in an online attack can become afraid of outcomes; this includes avoiding those in social situations like schools Those attacked are at high risk of becoming depressed and using suicide as a method to stop attacks IV.Parents, organizations, schools, and communities need to become active in preventing and stopping attacks from occurring Parents need to become proactive in their child's lives, and understand what he or she is doing during the day and night.

Communities need to be aware of what is happening through social networks, and therefore by helping set up programs within their school districts with anti-cyber bullying speakers Those who have been attacked need support of others to help them through this unfortunate crisis in time. Individuals need to be set up with support in order to prevent unwanted depression or suicide Annotated BibliographyGeach, N. , Haralambous, N. , (2009).

Regulating Harassment: Is the Law Fit for the Social Networking Age?. The Journal of Criminal Law, 73 JCL 241–257. The following article discusses how the existing harassment legislation did not include or regulate online harassment. It explains the problems individuals are having online with others creating attacks from obscene messages to viruses. It explains further that online and offline harassment problems need to be dealt with in the same statute rather than separately. This article gives enough information that provides accurate references for me to use in my research paper.

This article will help me provide me viewing audiences with references towards what the law is doing for online harassment. Campbell. M. A. (2005).

Cyber Bullying: An Old Problem in a New Guise?. Australian Journal of Guidance and Counseling, Vol. 73 Issue 3, p241-257, 17p. Retrieved September 2, 2011, from Academic Search Premier This article defines the current use in technology and how young adolescents are using it more.

Even though technology has its good parts, it also contains its bad side. The bad side being towards open opportunities to attack peers online.With the wide range of technology including smart phones, laptops, and iPads, the accessibility we have is impeccable and can be easily accessed at anytime. The writer gives a great amount of information and provides accurate references that I can refer to outside during my research.

She provides enough discussion in her writing to provide me with enough research and references for my research paper. Kang. C. (2011). Facebook: As Rough as Recess, but Without the Monitor. The Washington Post, p.

G. 1. Retrieved September 2, 2011, from ProQuest National NewspapersThe following article, Facebook: As Rough as Recess, but Without the Monitor discusses how adolescent children are revolving around social networks like Facebook. It explains that the youth have a lot of freedom on social networks, which is not appropriate for their age.

Also, the article discusses with the readers how California legislation is trying to pass a bill that gives parents the right to demand that social networks deny underage individuals from using social networks. However, social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Google are not giving up the fight, but stating that the bill would ruin the freedom of expression.This article has enough information to support my research. It helps me understand what social networks are doing to prevent the safety of our children, and also states what representatives are getting involved to stop adolescents from accessing these sites.

This text will help me support my ideas further in my research, and will give me enough information to share with my audience I will be writing to. Cominsky. M. B. , Harberg, F.

J. Jr. , (2010). Together, We can Stop Cyber Bullying. Retrieved September 2 2011, from http://www. adl.

org/ADL_Opinions/Education/20101129-Op-ed+Houston+Chronicle. tm This organizational website explains that calls from frantic parents are becoming more frequent, due to the rise in cyber bullying through technology and social networking. The website discusses that with new technology has come cyber communications, which is a way of life for every individual. The integrity of this website states positive messages and information that provides me with research towards what I use in my writing to attract my readers to this problem. The website will help me provide steps to fixing cyber bullying and what we can do for our community.