A natural disaster can occurs due to our carelessness. Global Warming is one of the natural disasters that we are facing today. Its effect is due to our carbon emissions (greenhouse gases) from industries. These greenhouse gases are trapped in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases trapped heat from the sun radiation as well as from the earth.

Atmosphere protects the earth to maintain a constant temperature by trapping the heat from the sun. However, due to the greenhouse effects, it traps heat more than it used to be.As a result, it warms the earth more, by melting the ice from the cold region and sea level is also rising. People are often frightened when they hear a word called “ Natural Disaster”. It’s the disaster where no one can escape or destroy.

In a second, it can change and destroy the whole city or country whether it is New York City or other no matter how big it is. People run, to escape. They build extra rooms in underground to protect themselves but it’s useless. When it actually comes, every single thing is destroyed.It comes with the speed of a very high amount and in a blink of an eye it kills thousands and millions of people.

Nature Disaster also includes factors such as the attacks of mice, rats, insects, bacteria, viruses and many more. Viruses (HIV), which are much smaller than the eukaryotic cells, can attack your body cells without a notice. By the time you notice, it had already destroyed and it’s too late to cure, of course there are exceptions. Viruses’ diseases are common cold, yellow fever etc.

Plagues of rat, which are common in Burma villages, are widely spread.It kills crops and ate most of the rice, which our farmers worked really hard both day and night whether it is too sunny or rainy. They spent their time harvesting and growing with their sweats and tears while the rat destroys and ate them all in no time. The poor citizens of Burma’s villagers have nothing left to eat. Mosquitoes, the causes of malaria kill many kids per year and they are common in Burma as well. New York State was under attacked by the hurricane, which occurred in June 1 2013.

Many homes were destroyed and the Liberty of Statue’s was nearly destroyed. Myanmar also had recently faced tough times, which was hit by a cyclone called “Nargis” in 2008. It destroys thousands of homes throughout the whole country. Many people suffered and the conflicts went on.

The biggest challenge for Myanmar is to rebuild the houses and starvation of the poor citizens of Burma. No one really knows how to survive any longer in here. All their hopes and tears are in GOD to help get away from these natural disaster.