What do you look forward to, as you begin this educational experience and your personal search for purpose? What is your greatest fear? How can you overcome it? Write about one specific educational experience from your past where you addressed a fear and overcame it and how you succeeded in this process. What do I look forward to as I begin this educational program is to do it with the best of my ability. So I can be a successful student and a team member who inspires and empowers.

Also l will take this opportunity to learn from the teacher who has wealth of knowledge and extensive experience. Who is dedicated her life to nursing and humanity. I believe that all are born do certain purpose. I didn’t have to look for the purpose of my life because I was born with all the ingredients of a nurse. I am proud that I chose a noble profession which is a career within a career, a profession which requires lot of patience with patients. I make every effort to make the lives of our client better, brighter and beautiful.

When I started my career at psychiatric center my greatest fear was to deal with a person who is danger to his-self and others. Also my fear was how to handle direct staff during a psychiatric emergency. I was scared that everybody would depend on me to give them instructions on how to direct a safe plan to prevent any harm. How will I intervene the situations? Every incident has impact on patient and staff. Because of the physical injuries and trauma. During my orientation period I was very nervous to go to the wards. But support and guidance of my mentors slowly my anxieties reduced.

We got lots of training after trainings on preventing and managing crisis situations. To overcome this fears I made conscious efforts to learn more about psychiatric patients, psychiatric emergencies, facility policies and OMH (Office of mental health) standards and guidelines. Attended the available classes, grand rounds, satellite rounds, and debriefing after incidents. Participated in Root cause analysis, failure mode effects. Safety, Case conferences, committees, policymaking, and read joint commission requirements.

Read the patients chart, read about their preference learned to know about them, treat them with dignity and respect. Each time I attended the psychiatric emergencies I learned more and I felt confident. I became a good listener…offered a desire to help. I was able I to do effective verbal and nonverbal interventions with patients before it escalated. Same with staff I make efforts to be a consistent and fair supervisor. Also treat them with respect and dignity. I overcome my fear and I am a proud psychiatric nurse.