Good morning to examiners and my fellow candidates. I can ensure there are many different levels of human such as those live a high quality life and those live in low quality life. But, now's society are not interest in serving for citizens. Road sweeper, who play a crucial role in keeping road cleanly. Anyone here desire to serve for social members today? There are small number of social members who willing to do it so.

Road sweeper contribute a lot of mental and physical in serving citizens. If the road is not being cleaned up, what will happen to the next? I think the index of car accident of our country will grow up by this way. Take for example, that will cause a series of road accident when the road be covered by a layer of oil. Furthermore, that will expose social members in an unhygienic environment even expose citizens in suffering diseases such as diarrhea and vomiting. In order to prevent the incident occurred, road sweeper play an important role to prevent social member exposed in an unhygienic condition even prevent from suffering diseases.

Last but not least, beautiful environment can lead us live in a comfortable and an enjoyable environment. We will obtain the fresh air. Instead, road are not be cleaned up will destroy the beautiful and fantastic world. The fresh are will be turned to stinky air. That is the incident we cannot accept. They are playing their role to rise up the quality of life. I truly believe that road sweeper give the most meaningful contribution to society

Day 1, Session 1 Year End 2011 (not exact words) People who give the most meaningful contribution to society

a)garbage collectors

b)toilet cleaners

c)road sweepers


Candidate A:

Good morning to the examinerS and my fellow candidateS. There are many people in this world who contribute meaningfully to society. Some sit in high positions while those who do menial tasks are no less worthy. Likewise, garbage collectors have a significant contribution to our society as not many would voluntarily do this 'stinky' but necessary job. First and foremost, I think garbage collectors deserve merit because they are the ones who maintain the cleanliness of our neighbourhood.

This is because, without them, there would be rubbish strewn around everywhere which is a sight for sore eyes. Moreover, the stench itself would cause unease among citizens who need to go about their daily business. For example, rotten food, soiled diapers and so on would be an unbearable sight if not collected and disposed of properly. Secondly, garbage collectors should be held in high esteem as their job of maintaining the hygiene of society is a crucial one. This means that without them, diseases would spread rampantly.

In addition, the overall health of society would suffer as garbage that is uncollected is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and insects. For instance, piles of uncollected rubbish is the perfect place for dengue and malaria carrying mosquitos and many more. Last but not least, a garbage collector's job is very meaningful to society because in this modern era, humans have managed to produce so much rubbish per day that without them, the sheer amount would drown the whole city in a week! Imagine how much plastic packaging each of us throws away within a day.

Take for example all the empty plastic bottles, Maggi mee wrappers, plastic packaging from the supermarket and even paper products like cigarette boxes and newspapers among others. In short, society would be seriously crippled if garbage collectors did not do their job. Therefore, I truly believe that garbage collectors provide a very meaningful contribution to today's society. Thank you.