Minutes of Meeting Association: San Pablo City Science High School Alumni Association Date : 21 November 2011(Second Meeting) Time : 9 AM Venue : San Pablo City Science High School Attendees: 1.

Virginia Marinel Salazar 2. Sandy Marie Belarmino 3. Kristine Mae Guerra 4. Jessah Marie Banayo 5. Leonard Zamora 6.

Bernadine Culaban 7. Marx Lennin Cabaltican 8. Dawn Laya Ornillo Agenda: * Fund Raising 1. The President suggested that the Alumni Shirt could be a source of fund.

The T-shirt will cause Php 250 but the exact price of the shirt is Php 230, the remaining Php 20 will be added to the fund of the organization. 2. Other members suggested that they could sell brownies to earn funds with the cooperation of the school canteen. 3. The members also suggested having a fine of Php 20 to those officers who will not be able to attend a meeting set by the President.

(20 pesos fine to the following officers: Jude Karlo Bolivar, Andrei Lean Exconde, Christian Llyod Tan, Kriza Mckai Leano, Kenji Sahagun, and Ana Reyes. ) * Outreach Program/Alumni Christmas Party . The venue of the said events will be at San Pablo City Science High School 2. Call time will be 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM. 3. The Outreach Program will run from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM while Alumni Christmas Party will be from 2:00 Pm to 6:00 PM.

4. The target participants of the Outreach Program will be the children residing beside the river located at Brgy. San Jose, Malamig, San Pablo City. 5.

Tentative activities: Pageant and Parlor Games. * Quiz Contest (Finale) 1. A tentative quiz contest for students of San Pablo City Science High School. . There will be a registration fee, Php 20 for each student while Php 10 for each alumnus. * Career Orientation Seminar 1.

The Association will organize a Career Orientation to be participated by third year and fourth year students of San Pablo City Science High School. 2. Tentative schedule of the Career Orientation Seminar will be February 2012. * Association Committees 1. Officers were divided into three Committees of the Association namely Finance Committee, Project and Program Committee and Educational Committee.

Here are the lists of officers assigned to each committee. Finance Committee| Project and Program Committee| Educational Committee| KristineBernadineLeonardKrizaAna| InahSandyMarxKenjiJude| LloydDawnALJessah| * Alumni Association Constitution and Bylaws 1. Officers presented the Alumni Association Constitution and Bylaws to Mrs. Ma.

Ruby Mendoza and some revisions are made. * The chairperson thanked all members for their participation and adjourned the meeting at 11:00 AM.