These are good sayings that; "Manners, which are good and excellent always become the reason of great pleasure for parents, unforgettable respect for teachers and helpful to win the hearts of others"

What is a test of Gentlemen? Is it his dress? Is it his health? Do we judge a gentlemen only by his qualifications? No the test of a gentlemen is how he behaves towards his fellow beings. These are manners that make a man good or bad.

Even a boor may dress himself in a perfect style but nothing will hide his boorishness. No amount of wealth can make up for want of good manners. Moreover, it is not merely educational qualifications, which will make a gentlemen. In fact, if a person has acquired book knowledge alone and has not cultivated good manners, he cannot be called educated at all.

A few words of respect, spoken in sweet tone make the old souls jubilant and they pray raising their hands for the long life and prosperity of their well mannered off springs. The manners of the youngsters especially youths make themselves to be blessed in the sight of Allah because their parents pray for them and the angles in the sky say "Ameen"

Manners are most essential for all classes of people for the high and the low. A clerk in a bank or in post office, a typist in an office or a conductor in a bus, a salesman in a shop, a business executive, an officer or even a minister will be successful if he has good manners because good manners always help to win the elections.

These are the good manners that make a man perfect, successful and respectable throughout the period of whole life.