The narrator of the story “Love is a Fallacy” relates to a freshman student in law school, intelligent, egocentric person, and outgoing always thinking he was logical. As the narrator showed us some fallacies throughout the story, he was outsmarted by Polly. What are some of the impressions that I made from reading Love is a Fallacy is that he favors appearance as how a cool, logical lawyer must have a beautiful and intelligent wife, friendship, and it depicts on being materialistic. The narrator as he describes being a cool, logical lawyer who he must married to a beautiful and intelligent wife.

As he give examples in the story in how Polly was by using her characteristics in being the perfect wife for him. Naturally it follows that Polly was gracious and intelligent to him as to how she was using her manners in the table and how she was full of graces. Yet as he wanted an intelligent wife, but Polly was not that intelligent he was going to use his logic and guide her. Likewise is “easier to make a beautiful dumb girl smart than to make an ugly smart girl beautiful. ” To being considered an intelligent person at the end didn’t meant nothing to the girl in the story.

He finds out that friendship to him was more than just a friendship. Really what the girl wanted was having a relationship with someone that had material wise as to the one that had the raccoon coat. For the narrator in the story maybe if he would have stayed with the raccoon coat the girl will have fall in love with him. Friendship means more to him than having to show her to become smart as him and knowing she would marry her. The narrator as showing her the fallacies and logic turned at the end to be a failure by gaining the love of a girl who was not in love. In which he lost his friendship over his intelligence of showing logic.

Materialistic in this story showed how material has more powerful words and means more than showing that love for the person. Polly prefers to go with Petty who was not smart and had the raccoon coat instead of staying with the narrator. She demonstrates to the narrator that in this case love its not important whether if the person is dumb or smart as long as you have feelings and understand each other and knowing he/she will be a happy in their relationship. As to how it reflects to the narrator, thinking that the girl was not smart and end up being smart after his teaching of fallacies.

In which, it made him realize that material wise means more than just words. The narrator is trying to show us or convey to us that “Love is a Fallacy” in many ways, no matter the intelligence, friendship or even having to do with an object or the fact of showing materialism in this case the raccoon coat. All it takes to love someone not for their material or their looks but for their personality and how that person is physically and shows that interest in his/hers emotions. The short story was humorous and interesting as it turns out to be a fallacy at the end.