According to Lea J. in “What is to be done about Law and Order” she suggest that the nature of crime is found with the principles of an individual and by extension the community and the nation.

Three literary works that examines the effect of crime on society are; T. R Miller, M. A Cohen and B. Wiersma in “Victim Cost and Consequences”, “Community Crime Preventions” by S. Archamnhault, B. Cartier and S.

Rizkalla, and the lectures of Dr. Christiaan Bezudenhaut. These literary works will be used to address each sub problem, stating their opinions and conclusions as well as how they arrived at that conclusion.Victims of crime may face a range if immediate, short-term and long term reactions in the aftermath of crime. It is expensive to live in crime prevalent areas as surveillance, security medical bills and restoration bills is demanded.

T. R Miller, M. A Cohen and B. Wiersma in “Victim Cost and Consequences” investigates the financial costs of crimes that an average person would have to pay. In this book it states that crime has an impact not only on primary and secondary victims but also an entire community.

Such impacts can be formed frim high profile major crimes such as shooting, kidnappings and sexual assaults.Social consequences of crime can create deterioration in social a family relationships, changes quality of life, insecurity and raise punitive aggressiveness. In “Community Crime Preventions” by S. Archamnhault, B.

Cartier and S. Rizkalla these few points amongst other are further elaborated. We can understand from the book that crime to an extent creates social balance but like all thing too much will be ‘unhealthy to the community’. According to Dr.

Christiaan Bezudenhaut in his lecture at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, psychological effects of crime can be severe and can cause PTSD from constant exposure to crime.He explains that from the factors of stress and insecurity many victims and residents in the community especially the youths are influences by crime and eventually practices illegal acts. An article on crime and delinquency on Diego Martin from Guardian Life Newspapers support Dr, Christiaan and states that crime is increasing in this area. The article goes on to say that the youths in the area, specifically student and ex-students from Diego Martin North Secondary School are influenced by the delinquency in the area as they don’t have any ideal motives in life.This article give a perspective form their point of view and looks at the psychological effects of crime on them. In St.

Lucien Road, Diego Martin crime have affected the resident socially, financially and psychologically and have increased each consecutive year. The literary works of these authors mentioned explains concepts and give in depth information on the various effects of crime on victims and on the community. Each effect of crime that impact residents on St. Lucien road will be examined on the understanding of these literary works.