Out of all the positive or negative influences that affect your relationships and have an impact on your life; your family is the most significant one. Parents who do not allow their children to use social media, such as Facebook, BBM, or twitter, this is an example of where our family impacts your relationships. This is because now their Son/Daughter has to find other ways of communicating with their friends. This may affect their lives positively as they may develop better communication skills, which they might have lacked if allowed to use social media.

The values that you front have great impact on your relationships. For example if you are accountable for your actions then your relationships will be affected as your will take responsibility for problems that occur in your relationships and therefore be able to fix them. Another example is if you have the value of being non-sexist, this would apply more to men and will benefit you in your relationships with women as you will have an equal relationship which would lead to less conflict. In most families, the culture, religion and background of the family affect relationships.

For example, in some cultures the parents choose who their son or daughter will marry. This is called an arranged marriage, and is not based on love or freedom of choice. This kind of a relationship will also impact your life as you are forced to live with someone that you might not have wanted to marry. In countries such as Egypt and Ghana, where both Christian and Muslim societies occur that are distributed equally; cultural views may affect relations between the two religions. Countries like these suffer from violence directed between the two religions.

This has a negative impact on the relationships between people from the two religions IN the case of violence in religion separated countries, one way in which you can improve the relationship between the two cultures is by using the power of education. This way you can teach the younger generation about the differences and the similarities between the two cultures and strengthen the relationships between them. Other ways to improve your relationships is to always follow good values such as democracy, reconciliation, social justice, equality, non-racism, non-sexism, accountability, and democracy, the rule of law, respect and equality.

Activity 1.2: Development of the self in society

1.2.1 Positive- It allows teenagers to develop relationships with old friends who they haven’t seen for a long time or have just moved to another country. Secondly Social media allows teenagers to gain knowledge about different cultures; this strengthens their relationships with people of that culture. Social media also has the ability to improve their social confidence and media literacy allowing them to have better relationships. Negative- Social media mostly has a great effect on girls as they face high standards of beauty; this causes them to think that they also have to be like the supermodels that they see online.

This will negatively affect their relationships as they will think that their friends are also not good enough. Social Media may show people engaging in the use of illegal substances and violence. This may affect teenagers as they may also be influenced to do this; which will affect their relationships. Perhaps the biggest impact of social media such as Mxit is that teenagers do not learn certain social skills that you learn by interacting with someone face to face.

1.2.2 -Teenagers can limit their use of social media by choosing to meet with someone in a popular location such as a mall. -Do not sign up for more than one social network as being on more than one will consume more of your time. -Stop yourself from watching movies or listening to music that is above your age restriction in order to avoid being manipulated by content in the movies. -All ways keep in mind that not everything you see or read on the internet or in movies is true.

1.2.3 -To respect the privacy of others the responsibility will be to not go through others social media or social networks without their consent. -Another right could be to not force others to be exposed to social media that they do not want to see. -No one has the right to expose personal information about another person through the use of social media. -It is a right for a parent to prohibit their children from being exposed to age restricted social media content

1.2.4 By following these rights and responsibilities teenagers will be impacted positively as they will learn the importance of personal information and therefore learn how to respect people’s privacy. Teenagers will also learn about the importance of social justice, open society and accountability.