In 1955, the first McDonald restaurant was opened. It became very successful and been on top on other competitor by planning new concept, setting new stranded and demonstrating leadership to the rest of the industry. Ray Kroc, the leader in the first years of McDonald’s, had used Facilitate Normative Leadership Style to be successful. To determine what type of Normative Leadership Ray Kroc had used, we need to use Normative Leadership Time-Driven Model to find out. First of all, Decision Significance is high for his situation. Ray Kroc just started a new business, therefore, it is very important for the decision that he made to be success.

If he made any error on decision significance, his business may not as successful as now. Second, His Importance of Commitment is high. Ray Kroc needed his follower commitment to implement the decision. The acceptance of the decision is critical to effective implementation and well affects the success of the company. Third, Leader Expertise will be low. As Ray Kroc is new to his business as he just started it, he will not have a lot of experience on this business. As his knowledge and expertise is not high, he will need his follower to help him. Forth, the Likelihood of Commitment is high.

With a new business, the followers will not know how to do. Therefore the likelihood of commitment is high. Fifth, Group Support for Objectives is high. Without the support for the team, McDonald cannot be that successful. Sixth, Group Expertise is high. The followers would have some knowledge like how to cook the best burger and which location is the best for selling fast food can help Ray Kroc to improve McDonald. Finally, Team Competence is high. Ray Kroc would need the ability of the individuals to work together as a team to solve the problem.

After knowing these seven statements, we can assume that Ray Kroc used Facilitate Normative Leadership Style when he just started this business. With corporate leadership strategy, the company can be planning ahead, created a deadline and set clear goal to spill the idea to achieve the goal. After the company has a goal, the company can let the followers to stay focus on the goal. At the same time, when the followers have the direction on what to do, their motivation will be increase. The company also can plan ahead what reward can provide to the followers if they do good in their job.