After study the article, I want to express some of my opinions. This article is coming from the international Journal of business and management and the book title is "Job Involvement as predictor of employee commitment. The maln focus of the article Is to reveal or find out the correlation between job involvement and employee commitments in the work place or organizations.All through the articles, we have found the positive correlation between job Involvement and commitment.

The commitment here is talking about effective commitment, continuance commitment and normative commitments. High Job involments here will result in high Job satisfaction, high degree of Job involments. The more decisions making rights, the more degree of responsibilities will lead to more Job involvement. I am totally agreed on this point of view.In the following, I will try to explains whatbinthikis the strengths or weakness of the articles by summarizes and understandllng what the writers try to explains and express some of my opinions and opinions found from some other academic literature reviews, articles and books Overall summary: The purpose of this study is to copy the linkage between Job involvement and rganizational commitment and the research Is done basically In Pakistan.

This critique is to explain what is the research purposes and who did that and what is it all about , who is taken part int he research and the accuracy.What kind data have been generate and what us the result. Actually. the result may not be 100 percent reflecting the Asian dominate works place since the research is done in Pakistan. The culture of Pakistan is different than the Asian culture and this may not truly describe the Asia situation.

Strengths: I agree that increase of power to make decision with let employee perform his or her est In the Job. This also make the employee think that he also have the power affect the outcome of three company.For example, one may think that some project will have better chance to survive if he contribute more and pay more attention to details. One becomes the project owner and thinks that someone can Increase the chance for a company to get business.

Most of the sales people are more willing to do his best to get customers if they think they also own the decision power of what to sell In the products. If ones put a lot of effort In someone or something that they hink it worth, they do not want to spoil it in any way because they will be affected as well. They may think that the effort they put in there is wasted.I also agree that one's personality and emotion will affect their attitude towards their jobs and company. For examples, a more positive type of person will bring positive they have positive mind, they will not give up easily and they will become more commit to their work because they think that the company business will become better and better once the problems solved and they will think that they have put a ot of effort to help and therefore they will be more attached to the Job or company especially if their company knows when and how to reward their contributions.This is a two way relationship between employers and their employees.

Some people may think that wok is life and work is all they have. I also agree that because one may think that their self image is originated from Job performance since this may need to more money earned and getting promotions quickly may make other thinks that he or she is very smart and superior in her career or professions. Therefore, the successful employee may put more effort in his Jobs to et more recognition from co-workers or superiors. I also agree that company should reward high Job involvement employees .Job designs will help increasing the Job involvement. Job insecurity will lead to less Job involvements and leads to high turnover.

Therefore, the more involve in the Job is more easily threatened by encounter unsafe Job situation such as economy recession result in frying people. There are some basic working rewards for employees work behavior is recognized by their company and such factors are achievement, recognition and advancement and hese are internal factors and external factors are pay check, work place conditions and Job security.Some people are more affected by their own likeness towards their job and more emotional and this type of person is more frequently searching for deeper level of fulfillment or enjoyment in work place. (Silverthorne, 2005) .

Weakness: The article is not writing about according to the Asian or more specifically Hong Kong culture. I think the. Chinese culture especially Hong Kong culture, sometime Job involvement is wrongly interprets as "working hard" only. They are almost.

Thinking hat Job involvement s means long working hours. No one really wants to show the boss that they are the first one that leaves the offices. No one wants to give others the impressions they are not involved. Since the culture is different, the definition of organization commitment will be differed from different scholars or people and therefore in this article, the high Job involvement may result in different degree of commitment and it is measured differently by different people or organization.