Our customer service position is required to provide exceptional service and be engaging with all customers.

 The associate must be able to build a strong, trusting relationship and cross-sell products and services.  Associates must guarantee that the customers are the first priority. The associate must have a drive and determination for the product, services and brand.A successful candidate must be self-motivated, organized, detail-oriented with the ability to multi-task while working in a fast-paced environment.

 Our company provides an opportunity to join a growing and successful company.  This position requires the candidate must be a team player as well as work independently.There are many ways managers can support employees and reinforce performance by using techniques like incentive plans, wages, bonuses. The first thing that must be done is for managers to be specific with communication to employees about what is expected from each employee. Set clear, concise details of job duties, and give constructive feedback on a regular basis, maybe month or quarterly. At this point, the employees are aware of strengths and weaknesses.

Most workers believe they are doing a good job until a review is completed, which may be annually and the employee is devastated when the review is damaging.Once an employee knows what is expected they can work to meet the company’s goal, which can be prosperous for the company and the employee. Recognition and incentive programs may help to motivate employees. One of the greatest plans would be positive reinforcement, rewarding an employee for a job well done, and strengthening an employee in areas of weaknesses.

Recognition programs may be one of the greatest ways to get employees motivated, as well as encourage other employees.Specialized training in key areas sales, service and product knowledge can keep the front-line people enthusiastic about their key role in helping the company maintain competitive edge and give the employee an opportunity to grow and possibilities for advancement. Recognition in the form of promotion, awards and specialized training can keep the front-line people enthusiastic about their key role in helping the company maintain competitive edge. As companies grow and employees are trained there are endless chances for prosperity.Feedback is another key element key in changing an employee behavior.

Again, once the employee is aware of what is expected they can modify their behavior to meet the needs of the organization. Giving constructive feedback makes the employee aware of where they stand and what may need to be improved. Positive reinforcement can be rewarding, nothing threatening, giving the employee the opportunity to change their behavior and strengthen their abilities. Front line employees are the first to be affected by changes in the corporation.These employees must relay information to supervisors, management and top level executives which may help the company keep a competitive edge against the competition (Ammons, 2015). Coaching is another way to help develop an employees’ potential Coaching is a different approach to developing employees' potential.

With coaching, you provide your staff the opportunity to grow and achieve optimal performance through consistent feedback, counseling and mentoring. Rather than relying solely on a review schedule, you can support employees along the path to meeting their goals.Done in the right way, coaching is perceived as a roadmap for success and a benefit Companies can modify their behavior by collecting information from the supervisors, managers and retail sales associates. These employees are the front line employees who are in constant contact with the public.

These employees are the first to experience the forces that require corporate change. Individual learning or the request for knowledge is one of the greatest assets a company can ask from an employee. This benefits the employee as well as the company.As individuals learn they increase their knowledge though voluntary behavior conditioning (Ammons, 2015).

Behavior becomes operant when reinforcement is made contingent on its occurrence (Ammons, 2015). "The culture continuously monitors behavior and offers timely rewards through the members of the organization (Ammons, 2015). Measure Key Job Performance Most employers conduct an employee review once a year. During this review they inform employee’s what they've been doing right or the areas needed for improvement.

The problem with this approach is that during the rest of the year the employee is unaware of areas needed for improvement. Survey customers is one way to monitor employees’ performance. Just asking random customers what they thought of their shopping experience may be insightful. Ask them if they are satisfied with their product or service. Getting an outside perspective on performance is smart as it offers an objective analysis (Tilokavichai, Sophatsathit, & Chandrachai, 2012).

This is not only a good way to measure performance, but it is a way to see is the needs of the customer are met.After all, customer satisfaction is the overall goal. (Tilokavichai et al. , 2014).

A happy customer may be a return customer and word of mouth may be the best advertisement. Quality control may be another method, as employees know that are being monitored they don't know when the monitoring will occur. In one of my previous retail sales jobs the company would send out mystery shoppers and what great way to see if the representative was on target. Did the associate cross sell, did they know the product, was the representative courteous and polite.As a supervisor or manager random checks or inventory and log books, products and phone calls should be inspected (Tilokavichai et al. , 2014).

Methods to Inform Employees Coaching maybe one of the greatest tools available. As coaching is provided, the team has the opportunity to grow and receive the best performance ratings through continuous feedback, counseling and mentoring (Bushardt, Lambert & Duhon 2007). Coaching has benefits for all concerned and helps the employee in meeting their goals (Bushardt et al. , 2014).

If coaching is implemented correctly it may be the blueprint for success and a major advantage for everyone (Bushardt et al. , 2014). Feedback is another way to let the employee know if they are meeting the expectations of the company. As the employee is given constructive feedback it gives them room for improvement on needed area and continuous learning opportunity on areas that they are proficient in. Methods for providing feedback Set an appointment to meet with the employee. Many individuals are reserved and praise as well as criticism is best approached privately.

Therefore, a private meeting gives you the opportunity to speak with employee one on one and to get his or her thoughts as well. This may also help managers to see if the effort has paid off. In everything mistakes are possible, as none of us are perfect. Managers should approach things as they happen and not wait months during an evaluation to bring up old issues. They should be consistent and encouraging to help the associate succeed, success for one may lead to the success of the organization.

Managers may need to hold monthly meeting to just encourage, lift or give constructive criticism or to just listen to employees.Reinforcing Positive Feedback For unknown reasons managers believe employees know their work is appreciated. Unfortunately, this is not true. Managers need to continuously tell associates how much their work is appreciated. Just a few kind words can make a world of difference.

Thank employees by name, thank them for a specific acts and let them know how much they added to the organization. Good behavior should always be encouraged. We should look for small things that employees do and continue to encourage them. Congratulate employees on a job well done and possibly set up teams to encourage one another.Legal and Ethical Issues As decisions are made on anything from training, pay raises, promotions, telework, etc.

this opens the door for many legal issues. Laws exist to enforce the requirement that the evaluation of work is used to judge the person on work ability. Appraisals should not be used to discriminate against employees on the basis of race, religion, age, gender, disability, marital status, pregnancy, or sexual preference. Performance appraisal results should be fair, accurate and supported by evidence and examples.Performance appraisal must be fair, accurate and supported by evidence and examples. If an employee has excellent work skills but an attitude problem which affects the rest of the staff, then the supervisor may need to document incidents.

Supervisors may need to take it a step further and questions other employees for their reactions. Employees should have the opportunity to comment and correct behaviors. Any employee who receive a poor performance appraisal should be given ample time to improve and should be warned about the allotted time frame for improvement.Timely feedback should be given to all employees, and especially to those who seem to be having trouble. It may be a good idea to offer guidance or corrective action.

Let them know the is a problem and give them a chance to correct the problem, again in a timely manner. Manager should retain all records, as some employee believe they have been dealt with unfairly, they may have rights to instigate legal action years later. Check with the HR legal specialists to determine how long the records should be kept.