From the very first page of the novel Jane Eyre, her isolation, determination and independence is apparent.

During her life she continues to be isolated, whether it's the death of a friend or just not being accepted, this isolation makes her independent and determined throughout.During the first chapter, Jane's family are all in one room while she reads a book in the other room. This is a very strong image that shows that she was isolated, and not equal to them from the very beginning of the story.In a later scene, john reed walks into the room where Jane is reading.

He finds her and accuses her of reading his book without his permission. He hits her and throws the book at her. Jane stands up to him and says he is like a roman slave driver. This shows she doesn't go without a fight mainly because she has been mistreated before. John shouts to his family and they come rushing in. The family blame Jane of insulting John and she is taken to the red room.

This is another demonstration of her isolation during the novel and also it portrays the character of John Reed quite vividly. Throughout the novel she continues to have no one to turn to for help or comfort.Jane leaves the house to go to Lowood School mainly because the family are fed up of her apparent attitude problem. During her first days in Lowood she is finding it hard to settle in. The teachers are strict and conditions are harsh.

Many people get ill and some even die. She continues to have no one to turn and life is not all that much better for her. Then she meets a girl. And this girl became her very vest friend at Lowood. She finds comfort and support from this girl. Her friend is sort of her guide for the first few months at Lowood and she, in times of need, goes to her for advice.

Unfortunately, her friend eventually catches Pneumonia due to the harsh conditions at Lowood. She lasts about 2 months in bed at the end of which, she dies. Jane is once again isolated.But Jane still maintains that sense of independence throughout Lowood. In the times the Novel was wrote this would be out of the ordinary for many people, in those days, females were expected to marry a man, bring up a family while the male supported the family. So this novel would have been a bit of a shock for many people and a hard concept to grasp and accept.

Jane eventually leaves Lowood and goes on to teach at a Lowood School.She is constantly determined to do well as she progresses through her life.She gets an invitation to go work for Mr Rochester taking care of his nephew. She takes the decision to go and work for him. Her first impression of him is that he is a rude rich man who thinks he can do what he wants. However she ends up falling secretly in love with him.

But she thinks that he is in love with another Woman in the town nearby. She is jealous and isolated and has no one to turn to. The woman comes round for a small social gathering with noble ladies. Jane wants to stay out of the way but Mr Rochester asks to come down and help with things.

Rochester gives the impression that is having lots of fun with the lady and try's to make Jane jealous. Jane is constantly isolated and extremely jealous.A few days later in the novel, Jane and Rochester confess to each other that they love each other and Rochester tells her that he was trying to make her jealous.By the end of the novel Jane is a very independent woman due to her harsh bringing up and hard work to achieve through life. She continues to achieve and make her own big decisions throughout the book despite the typical role of a woman in those days.