The main question we should ask ourselves is the society doing enough to protect children from abuse or there is still long way to go till we achieve full protection for our children? If we look at it in the supporting article, we see there are few efforts being done by a few individuals who are trying to make a difference in society today.

We see joey Kennedy and his wife have volunteered to Court Appointed Special Advocates in Jefferson County, representing abused and neglected children at Family Court. This shows us that there are people out there who have dedicated their time and money to ensure the safety and care of abused children.But are the few efforts being done by these few noble people enough? According to the CBS it estimated more than 1740 children die each year as a result of child abuse cases so this shows that clearly more effort has to be done in preventing child abuse. But there is hope as we can see that there are new organizations which are being formed to deal with child abuse. One such organization will be child-help org which focuses on dealing with abused children cases whereby they deal with relocation of abused children to different locations and also offer legal advice and representation of abused children in the courts.This can be seen as a forward step in dealing with child abuse.

In recent year we have seen celebrities getting involved in spreading the word on child abuse, George Clooney fights to stop genocide in Sudan. Angelina Jolie pairs up with UNHCR to protect children worldwide. Back in the 1950s, however, most Hollywood stars didn't have the opportunity, willingness or communication tools to stand publicly for something they believed in. his shows that there is an increase in awareness on child abuse and that it is no longer pushed away or hidden away from the society instead it is being tackled as a problem that needs is affecting society and needs to be handled with utmost care. Is the law doing enough to tackle child abuse? According to this article we see that one of the great aids in identifying and intervening in child abuse has been the law requiring certain professionals such as doctors, social workers, day care workers, teachers and others to report suspected child abuse.

Now, a state representative fromJefferson County is taking a leadership role in expanding the mandatory reporting requirement. When critically look at this part of the article we see that that everyone should be involved in tackling child abuse and now expanding the mandatory requirement will enable law enforcers detect early signs child abuse and be able to intervene before the abuse turns fatal. The reason for expanding a requirement is to be able to involve everyone in preventing child abuse. As of current the only bills that are involved in child abuse is the drake bill and the bill of rights.But with this bills in action we still see that the rate of child abuse is still increasing at alarming rates. Why you may ask? This is because the capital punishment for child abusers is still low, whereby you can find a person commits child abuse until it becomes fatal but only gets life imprisonment.

[ Tuscon couple] . That is why both these laws should be amended to not only prevent child abuse but to also enforce on the punishment that child abusers should be much stricter to deter child abuse.In conclusion, we can see that society has realized that child abuse is a growing concern in our communities and that we have taken certain actions to prevent it. Such as volunteering for child helpers, using celebrities to voice out concerns about child abuse and also by passing bills such as the drake bill to approve mandatory reporting. But we all these we still need to amend the laws that ensure that those who commit this horrific crime do not get away and abused children get the help that they deserve.