Is Feminism in the twenty first century an exhausted ideology? Arguments for the idea that there is no need for feminism in the 21st century * All of the aims and ambitions of feminists from the first wave of feminism have been acheived.

* First wave feminism was during 19th and early 20th century. The main focus for feminists was women’s suffarage. In the UK women acheived this aim as they were given the right to vote in 1918 providing they were over the age of 30.First wave feminism continued successfully for the next ten years when women were granted equal voting rights as men. At this point in time femenism was a very important ideology because women were fighting for their votes and people were beginning to listen and realise that change needed to occur.

* Feminists have gone on to secure further rights for women including property rights, brith control and the right to work and earn the same salary as a male. * In the 21st century women are equal to men and there is nothing left to fight for. * Men and women are treated equally everywhere. There are actually more women than men (52% to 48%) so women make up the majority of the electorate, therefore, there cannot be the argument that women are not being represented in parliament.

* Even though there is a minority of women in the business world and in politcs, they have the right to work where they want so it is up to women to become politicans and managers. Arguments for the idea that there is still a need for feminism in the 21st century * Although men and women are equal, the business and political world is still dominated by men. In countries such as saudia arabia, women still not have basic rights such as the right to drive. Feminism in the 21st century can help to gain women these rights. * In society, although women are not forced to, they are expected to be a housewife and look after the children whilst the husband goes to work. This tradition has remained strong even though women have gained more rights such as the right to do the same jobs as men.

* It is frowned upon by society for a man to be a house husband; he is not truely consisdered to be a ‘man’. * Not all countries have given women the right to vote ror stand for election. Saudia Arabia) * The percentage of females in the house of Lords is: Conservative: 18% of the group Liberal Democrat: 30% of the group Labour: 28% of the group Crossbench: 20% of the group  * Sexism still occurs in todays sociecty and women are beginning to accept this as normal. Feminism in the 21st century is needed to abolish this.