Diversity in the workforce enhances innovation and provides strong competitive opportunities in the global scene. A large market share is available for organizations recruiting people from different backgrounds. Cultural diversity has a great impact on the activities of an organization and there is need to have personnel from different parts of the world to ensure products manufactured matches the cultural aspects of the consumers (Lieberman, 2009).

Avoiding discrimination in terms of gender, race, region or any other aspect during recruitment is the best way to attract people from different backgrounds. Human resources managers should come up with better policies of selecting individuals based on their qualification. This will enhance a diversified workplace environment. Recruitment techniques such as online recruitment process can be adopted to attract people from different backgrounds.

This system will avoid discrimination on applicants since there is no direct contact between the people being recruited and the recruiting firm.Introduction of online recruitment systems will assist in recruiting people from different categories. Introducing a culture that allows people to interact with other people from different backgrounds will enhance acceptance of diversified cultural values in the organization. Training would be done differently for African Americans, Latinos and women by outsourcing different training firms from different regions such that they will be able to understand the needs and cultural aspects of each group.All employees should be trained under the same system to avoid discrimination.

Since training people working in the same firm using different system is difficult and expensive, organizations need to establish a system that allows interaction among all personnel. No employee should be treated differently since diversity in the workplace requires equality. All employees require training equally since they work under the same organization and there is need to treat everybody equally.