Why do you think is it important for HR to be a strategic partner to the business? I think that it is important for HR to be a strategic partner for a business because HR partners help Motivate, engage and help retain exceptional employees for the company. They also help to do this by having the right Training curriculums to help enhance employee’s current skills or provide them with new skills that are in line with the businesses activities which will help in time improve the company’s capability and functionality.They also help in the design and guidance of creating incentive plans for employees in order to motivate them and help give them a push to improve in the work environment. HR is strategic partners because they are the bridge that lies between the employees and the employers. They are the guidance between the two entities as to how to do things or handle matters in an appropriate matter according to company standards or rules. They also take a great part in incorporating within the company its beliefs on the importance of the corporation’s plans in its entirety.

HR is set in place to help the company by instilling in everyone the corporation’s policies and procedures throughout and making sure that it is being followed. In all HR is a great strategic partner in any company because they help keep the company in order and help implement rules and regulations in order within for the company to run properly and according to company standards. They are the backbone you can say to a company that will help them achieve their goals internally by providing proper maintenance of its staff and management and help run everything as smooth as possible.2.

What benefits do you think the employees derive from this arrangement?Employees benefit from having an HR partner because they are the middle men between the employee and management. They can help employees with any internal problems they may have in regards to management or any questions they might have. HR would help guide them towards the right answers or the right steps to take in order to handle certain situations. They are the guidance tool that will guide you in the right direction as well as help speak out for you when problems beyond your reach arise.You could say they are kind of our counselors within the firm to make sure we as individuals are being treated accordingly and fairly, they help us express our corporate rights.

As an employee an HR partners help bring confidence within them so that they are able to get motivated to work productively and confidently that their rights are being protected and in the case that they are not the at least know that they have someone and somewhere to turn to in order to get some support.Not only do they get that type of support but also they help in serving the employees by helping them with pay and raise’s which is probably one of the biggest employee drivers there is. Not only can that but an HR business partner be the gateway to an employee that is seeking advancement or movement within the company. They can help guide an employee in the right direction as to what they need to do in order to advance or if they are ready they can help them in getting their foot in the right direction even facilitating an interview. All of the above steps are beneficial to an employee in the fact that they have someone within the company that represents them and has their back if problem arise.

3. What do you think are the risks involved (to HR, the organization as a whole) if HR does not make this a priority and instead remains a purely task-oriented department mostly administrative in nature? If HR were to be a purely task oriented department and mostly administrative in nature it would lead to the loss of valuable outcomes for the organization. The company would acquire increased costs, fractured communication between both parties, and an increase in time spent on everyday activities.HR serves as a go to person for advise, problem, concerns or just plain guidance. If this department was to be strictly administrative than the company would be faced to possible be spending more money on either creating other positions to deal with these problem or issues.

This would mean that they would have to put out more money by creating more positions. Also the communication between employee and employer might be strained and or possibly fractured because the employee would not have any place to go to for guidance or advice on what they are dealing with within the work place.Not only that but it would also leave the company to have to overpay the HR department position because if it’s purely administrative they would not have much work to do other that what the system could not do which in today’s world everything is pretty much kept electronically so that would be very minimal manual labor that would have to be done in their part. A company would stand to lose significantly if they only had HR administratively by causing them to have to overpay, acquire new people and new departments which would mean more money coming out for the company which they would not want to do. It might even create a strain within both parties because they would not have any guidance or help in possible advancements or just proper support within the company.