Sex, sex, sex, its everywhere, pasted to billboards, plastered to T. V. screens. There’s nowhere for anyone to hide. As you look up “An advertisement for Liz Claiborne fragrances shows a barely clad young couple sprawled out on a bed, him painting her toe nails. ”(1)And one street over there’s a second billboard advertising perfume, as a young Brittany Spears clad in a uniquely beautiful almost transparent dress just sits at the end of a bed, with her legs slightly spread, as if sending a silent message that it’s ok to be overbearingly sexy, and over inviting without paying any consequences (2).

We’re stuck in a world were teenage girls are regarding their virginity as an embarrassing vestige of childhood, and who look at birth control as embarrassing and unromantic. ” (Garity) (3)No wonder so many people such as Steve Lopez, in the short story “A Scary Time to Raise a Daughter”, are scared to have children, especially when these vulgar messages are directed right at their child’s age groups. We are constantly suckered in by our worldly practices of using sex to sell everything from music to television, perfumes, even clothes.With sex lurking at every corner prodding us towards early sexual endeavors’, who’s to say that parents and schools on their own can protect teens from early sexual encounters. (1st point)These sexual fantasies are nothing but lies that prey on young people allowing them to think that it’s safe to venture into the world having sex with whomever you please.

Girls now doing anything they can to look as beautiful as the pictures on the billboards, just praying that they will get the same attention that these poster girls prove possible in there picture.While fathers like Steve worry about whether there little girls are going to end up pregnant teenagers. Little do the girls know that they just like Elaine in the short story “Is sex all that matters”, could end up pregnant, and without a father for their child. (2)So oblivious we all are at an age as young as Elaine, only 17 and feeling as if she would be banished from the cool world for taking part in birth control, and so decided not to take part in protecting her body just to protect her outer image, proving why parents such as Steve get worried about their daughters who haven’t even reached school age.Imagine sitting at your daughters first check up, and listening to the doctor as he mentions that pregnant teens come in almost routinely to his office.

Wouldn’t you be scared? I know I would. All parents really even want is for their children to be able to grow up slowly and live as if they were really the age they are. They don’t want to hear about all the horrible things that happen in school these days with oral sex being performed in school bathrooms, and jocks on the radio talking of how they always get busy with women.Although the schools provide sex ed. classes for these children, they never mention the idea that sex is better to be rejected to reserve it for an emotionally intimate relationship. (3)Starting at these young ages, girls already begin shopping in stores that sell clothes that used to be thought only for hookers and street walkers, but are now looked at as the new in style clothing.

“An odd advertising campaign, you’d have to say-all this nudity being used to sell clothes. (Steve Lopez) with naked bodies smashed against each other for clothing campaigns’, girls with their breast pasted across the ads and nothing to cover them but their hair and some good airbrushing. Naked adds everywhere, but were does it end? On one end Garity emphasizes on how the media and billboard ads are effecting young teen age girls, and how they are scared to use birth control and afraid to be caught wearing the wrong clothes.While on the other end a father is sitting with his young daughter in a doctor’s office thinking of what’s to come for his young daughter, and mentally punishing himself for things that haven’t even happened to her yet.

And both sides make a point that the media with their bill boards and naked bodies pasted all over are slowly pushing these young people to involve themselves in early sexual encounters myself agree with both of them, I believe the media is quietly attacking our young people and pushing them to believe that these things are ok.